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Annual Survey

Average Royalty Income Up 5.0% Worldwide in 2019

Seventy-three percent of respondents to TLL’s 2019–2020 Licensing Business Survey reported that royalty income was up from the previous year, compared to 18% who said it declined and 9% who said it stayed the same. On average, licensing executives reported a 5.0% increase in royalty income in 2019. Royalty income is distinguished from licensed retail sales as the net revenue extracted from licensed goods. Although the health of any market may be gauged by an increase in licensed sales of merchandise, there are times when related costs such as the cost of production, marketing, and sales outweigh revenue. We note that despite the loss in revenue, higher spending in the short run may pay off with higher returns in the long run as a market for the licensed goods are… . . . read more


Average Salary Drops $10K; Gap Between Europeans and Americans Widens

You’re a licensing executive: Negotiate like one. TLL is currently updating the only industry-specific source of salary, bonus, and data—and we have a lot to update you on…

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Salary Survey: It’s Hard To Ask for a Raise Out There

Almost three-fourths of respondents to TLL’s 2018-2019 Salary Survey agree: “It’s hard to ask for more compensation.” At the same time, 42% are not satisfied with their current level of comp, and 49% say they don’t get enough support to do their jobs properly…

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Read Before Using

About TLL’s 2019 Compensation Report & TLL’s 2019 Salary Survey

TLL’s 2019 Compensation Report is backed by TLL’s Salary Survey, administered annually since 2013, with additional demographic data sourced from TLL’s Licensing Sourcebook Online. The number of respondents…

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Average Pay for Licensing Execs Down by $9K

Licensing professionals are experienced, eager to advance, and putting in the hours, according to The Licensing Letter’s 2018 Salary Survey. Among the findings…

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