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TLL’s Guide to Publishing-based Properties

The publishing sector includes three primary areas: Books, newspapers/magazines, and comic books and strips. Licensing of books is dominated by children’s titles and focuses on children’s book characters. However…

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TLL’s Guide to Non-Profit-based Properties

Technically, a non-profit is defined by its status as a charitable institution. However, within that broad categorization…

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TLL’s Guide to Music-based Properties

Musicians and bands, living and dead, are included in “Music.” Apart from merchandise licensing based on the individual or group name or imagery (the Rolling Stones tongue or the Grateful Dead dancing bears, for example)…

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TLL’s Guide to Celebrity-based Properties

This sector includes living actors, actresses, models, chefs, business executives, and others. (Musicians, athletes, and artists are categorized under “Music,” “Sports,” and “Art,” respectively.) While many celebrity-based deals include endorsements and promotional tie-ins, we look exclusively at the product licensing generated by these…

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TLL’s Guide to Property Types

Properties that are licensed, or with potential for licensing, come from many sources—from art to celebrities, fashion designers to feature films and television programs, sports leagues and personalities to toys, videogames, and food and beverage brands…

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TLL’s Guide to Fashion-based Properties

Fashion designers and labels primarily fall into three groups — apparel (and accessories), footwear, and home/interior design…

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TLL’s Guide to Art-Based Properties

Art licensing includes two sub-categories: Art & Artists and Museums…

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TLL’s Guide to Estate-based Properties

Estate licensing includes deceased celebrities who would fall under the “Celebrities” category in life. Deceased celebrities whose licensing strategies remain…

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