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Editor's Note

Read Before Using: $100 MM List Definitions & Methology

Before diving into TLL’s $100 Million Entertainment/Character Brands list, make sure you understand how to use the data effectively…

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Coming Up With a Number

We answer one of the most common questions we receive: Where do TLL’s numbers come from?…

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Property Type

TLL’s Guide to Entertainment/Character-based Properties

Feature films, cartoon characters, and television programs are the basis of the bulk of Entertainment/Character licensing…

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TLL’s Guide to Collegiate-based Properties

College and university programs are driven largely by team sports, but also feature products to appeal to…

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TLL’s Guide to Product Categories

Product categories are based on the predominant way in which merchandise is classified by retailers and, by extension, licensors, manufacturers, and others in the business. Many products could fall within more than one classification…

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TLL’s Guide to Video Game/Interactive/Online-based Properties

This sector includes videogames and videogame-based characters; online-originated properties such as virtual worlds, YouTube videos, blogs, webisodic series, Pinterest, Vine, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media accounts, texting emoticons, and e-mail greeting cards; mobile apps; and other digital properties…

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TLL’s Guide to Traditional Toy/Game-based Properties

This sector includes board games, non-electronic toys, and characters that grow out of such toys and games. If the brand has licensing activity tied to films or television programming…

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TLL’s Guide to Trademark/Brand-based Properties

The range of corporate brands with licensing programs is enormous. We break out some of the larger sub-groups, including automotive/vehicle, food/beverage, restaurants, sporting goods, hardware/appliance/tool, home-related, electronics/technology, and electronic media…

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TLL’s Guide to Sports-based Properties

Sports licensing incorporates the major U.S. professional leagues for football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer, including both teams and individuals, as well as other leagues …

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TLL’s Guide to Publishing-based Properties

The publishing sector includes three primary areas: Books, newspapers/magazines, and comic books and strips. Licensing of books is dominated by children’s titles and focuses on children’s book characters. However…

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