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Olsen Twins Bring Secondary Fashion Label In-House

Is it just contractual or are the Olsens making a move away from licensing…

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EA Brings Bruce Lee Back to Life for UFC Mobile Game

With apologies to the great Ronda Rousey, the biggest star in the EA Sports UFC Mobile game roster may just be a fighter who never even set foot in a UFC octagon…

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Westbrook Fragrance Courts Men and Women

Celebrity licensed fragrances have been in a slump, but NBA player’s new scent plays in the less crowded luxury market…

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Patrick Kane & the Need for “Morals Clauses” in Celebrity Licenses

In June, EA Sports tabbed Chicago Blackhawk Patrick Kane for the cover of its upcoming (Sept. 15) ES Sports NHL 16 game. It seemed the perfect choice. Kane, a 3-time Stanley Cup winner, is handsome, charismatic and, somewhat rare for a hockey star, American. But Kane is now under police investigation for alleged rape in his hometown of Hamburg, NY. So, EA has taken Kane off the cover…

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Celebrity-Licensed Perfumes Seek to Reinvigorate Slumping Market

The past 12 months have been less than sweet smelling for sales of celebrity-licensed fragrances, but that isn’t deterring companies from bringing new celebrity brands to the already crowded mass market…

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Digital Celebs

As YouTube Celebrities Gain Influence over Teens, Their Licensing Clout Is Bound to Grow

YouTube stars continue to gain influence over U.S. teens, with the platform’s top creators viewed as much more approachable, authentic and engaging than mainstream celebrities. From a licensing perspective, many of the video platform’s top creators actually have…

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Digital Deals

New digital deals, partnerships, and promotions from Outfit7, Hasbro, Mattel, YouTube celebrities, Rainbow, and MLB…

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New Whitney Port Line is a QVC Exclusive

Designer and TV personality Whitney Port has a new apparel line with QVC. Simply called Whitney Port, the seven-piece QVC line includes dresses, sweaters, pants and skirts, each priced below $60. While still channeling Port’s “feminine California style with a little New York City edge,” the collection is less funky, according to the designer, than Port’s higher priced ready-to-wear brand…

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The Sweet Smell of Friday: Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj Launch New Perfumes

Singer Katy Perry is in the news for more than her on-and-off relationship with John Mayer, alleged feud with Taylor Swift and attempt to buy a Los Angeles convent. The singer just launched the new fragrance Mad Potion exclusively with a pop-up shop on Twitter’s new shopping platform (@katyperrypopup). The $30 vanilla-musk scent is…

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Rihanna Teams for Temporary Tattoos

Pop star Rihanna is teaming with jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche on a collection of jewelry-inspired black and gold temporary tats. The collection…

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