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56% of Upcoming Films are Reboots, Sequels

TLL has added even more films to our ongoing list of planned films with licensing potential—now totaling 159 titles through 2025.

Note that although all of the release dates for movies on the list have been checked against multiple sources, there is still a probability dates will change. The further in the future a film is, the more likely its release date is to move. Just over 20% of the films on the list do not have an official release date confirmed by their respective studio. We estimate that for most, a final dates will land somewhere between 2020–2025.

Breaking down the numbers behind the list, 40% of titles are sequels (64 titles) and 16% are reboots (25).

Books lead among source material with 20% share, or 31 titles. One of the most impressive areas of growth is the number of films with comics as their source material—just over 21% with 34 titles. But games are catching up as a hot source of movie material—8% of titles (13) are based on board, video, or mobile games. The same number are based off of TV series. Toy-based plots appear the least, with just 6% (9) titles.

Just under 9% share are original films (14).


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