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Brand Licensing: Flynn Collective and Clean Mama Partner Up

Flynn Collective has announced an exclusive licensing deal with the popular cleaning brand, Clean Mama.

Clean Mama was founded in 2009 by Becky Rapinchuk. Since that time, the company has become an industry-leading multi-platform cleaning and organization brand. In 2015, the company launched a branded line of natural cleaning products.

“It’s an exciting time in the cleaning space,” said Rapinchuk, Clean Mama founder. “Cleaning can be cute AND safe!”

The brand has become more of a licensing magnet in recent years as its online cleaning community has grown to over 10 million followers. The website also features a monthly subscription service. In the past, Clean Mama has collaborated with leading brands such as Dyson, Martha Stewart Living, SC Johnson and Samsung.

Clean Mama is now tidying up its licensing and branding opportunities through the new deal with Flynn Collective.

Flynn is a licensing and brand-building agency that was launched in 2021 by licensing veteran, Jennifer Flynn Case. The founder has been working in the licensing industry for 17 years, and has had successful partnerships with high-profile clients such as RuPaul, Nicole Miller, and Shabby Chic.

Flynn Collective is seeking collaborations, partnerships, and licenses to expand the Clean Mama brand into a wider range of categories and expanded retail distribution.

“With the increased demand for natural cleaning solutions and safe, easy-to-use products, it’s the perfect time for the Clean Mama brand to impact a much wider audience,” said Flynn Case, CEO of Flynn Collective.