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Electronic Arts and the National Football League have Signed a Multi-Year Esports Deal Renewal

By Allison Watkinson

TLL Reporter

Electronic Arts and the National Football League has announced a multi-year partnership renewal for the EA Sports Madden NFL Championship Series.

The Madden NFL Championship Series is a series of competitive esports events for the popular video game, EA Sports Madden NFL 22.

The game is developed by Electronic Arts, a global leader in digital interactive entertainment. EA is known for developing and distributing games, content and online services for consoles, mobile devices and computers.

“As a trusted partner for more than 30 years, EA’s commitment to football authenticity with Madden NFL is exemplary,” said Ed Kiang, VP of Video Gaming at the NFL.

“Extending our partnership with EA is another avenue for the League to grow fandom off the field and enhance the EA SPORTS Madden NFL Championship Series by aligning Madden competitive gaming with NFL moments. Our joint efforts will drive the type of excitement that NFL fans expect while also highlighting the best Madden players in the world.”

The licensing partnership will help align the Madden Championship Series with real-world NFL events throughout the football season. The multi-year partnership renewal follows a considerable boost in views for last year’s Madden Championship Series.

“Madden NFL esports continues to deepen the love of the game with fans, players, and viewers. It’s teaching viewers how to improve at the game, while deepening engagement with Madden’s most loyal fanbase,” said Brent Koning, VP of EA Esports.

“Since the MCS started five years ago, it has helped showcase the game by elevating the greatest players in the world, while giving every single Madden NFL player the chance to go from couch to champion. We can’t wait to see how the MCS 23 season unfolds.”

To maximize fan engagement, the recently announced MCS 23 calendar will coincide with the NFL football season. The Ultimate Madden NFL 23 Bowl will occur during the week of Super Bowl LVII with $1.7 million in total prize money up for grabs throughout the season.

The Madden Championship Series 23 will also feature an expanded competitive program for football and esports fans, providing more ways to compete and more entertainment to watch.