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Legends Launches Licensing Program For Hip Hop 50th Anniversary

Legends Recording is launching a licensing program to mark the 50th anniversary of hip hop music.

Hip hop was born in August of 1973, so the official anniversary of the music genre will come in August of next year.

In the meantime, as part of the worldwide celebration for this iconic cultural milestone, Legends Recordings has announced the launch of The Official 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop licensing program.

“The 50th year of Hip-Hop will arguably be one of the most significant events in music history,” said Ice-T, one of the featured artists of Legends Recordings.

Hip hop music was born in the New York City borough of the Bronx, springing from the intersecting cultures of Black, Latinx and Caribbean-American youth at block parties, where DJs were playing soul and funk music.

Some of those early DJs began experimenting with different techniques during parties, including longer percussive breaks (called “breakbeats” or simply “the breaks”), turntable techniques, scratching, freestyle, and improvised vocals based on Jamaican “toasting.” They’re often credited as pioneers of modern hip hop and rap music.

Hip hop broke into the mainstream consciousness with the 1979 release of Rapper’s Delight by the Sugarhill Gang, which is now considered the first hip hop record. The album reached the Billboard US Top 40, and fueled a massive and still ongoing outpouring of musical creativity.

For the first time ever, manufacturers and promoters will now be able to license these once in a lifetime marks along with select images of a stable of iconic artists and hip hop images from several famous photographers. Legends Recordings is encouraging anyone and everyone from the hip hop culture to join in the celebration of this global iconic event.

“Our reach is truly vast. Targeting music fans from the 70s to today, the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop encompasses a huge and diverse group that transcends race, religion, and ethnicity.  It’s about unity and community,” explained Marc “Live” Giveand, the Co-President of Legends Records.  “Our efforts will not only promote the essence of Hip-Hop music and culture, but will be dedicated to community outreach, fostering peace in our streets, and creating unity around the globe.”

Led by licensing agency The Brand Liaison, The 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop international licensing will include concerts and music festivals, educational and cultural events, television, podcasts and publishing, collaborations and of course worldwide merchandising rights in virtually every imaginable category.

“Hip Hop is not just music; it’s an entire culture that includes fashion, dance, art and poetry with words,” explained Steven Heller, President of The Brand Liaison.  “The 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop is not just a trademark, or even just a brand; it’s a historic event that celebrates this entire culture.”

Legends Recordingings, LLC is the official licensor of the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop trademarks and art assets.  For more information on licensing opportunities for the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop Licensing, contact Steven Heller of The Brand Liaison:

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