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Music Licensing: Epic Rights to Rep Aerosmith’s Brand

By Allison Watkinson

TLL Reporter

The bestselling hard-rock band Aerosmith has signed with Epic Rights as its brand licensing management agency.

A subsidiary of Universal Music Group, Epic Rights is a branding, merchandising, and artist’s services company that offers retail licensing, tour merchandising, D2C e-commerce, VIP/fan experiences, merch bundles, and more.

With increasing demand from fans to engage with Aerosmith, Epic Rights has signed agreements with new licensing partners across multiple territories and categories. The agency will be responsible for developing an all-new multi-category global retail program for the band.

Global licensing deals have been signed with Funko for vinyl figures. Knucklebonz for statues and 3D vinyl collectibles. Replay for a t-shirt and sweatshirt capsule collection. Madeworn for high-end apparel. As well as Collectionzz for hand-screened fine art prints.

North American partners will now include Just Some Thoughts, Philcos, Recycled Karma, Ripple Junction, and Angry Minnow for a collection of mens, juniors and kids apparel. Watson Apparel, Brands Club, and Bloomerry have joined the deal for apparel and accessories in other territories. The deals also include a partnership with Springs Creative for fabric, no-sew fleece kits, and bandanas.

“We are thrilled to have Aerosmith, one of the all-time greatest rock icons, on the Epic Rights’ roster,” said Lisa Streff, Epic Rights’ Senior Vice President of Global Licensing. “In anticipation of the upcoming 50th anniversary activities, we’re excited to be developing a global licensing program that will celebrate and illustrate the band’s career at retail.”

In 2023, the band will mark the 50th anniversary of their self-titled album, the 45th anniversary of the Draw the Line album, and the 30th anniversary of the Get a Grip album.

Aerosmith is also preparing to celebrate multiple milestones in 2022. The celebrations will include the 40th anniversary of the Rock in a Hard Place album, the 35th anniversary of the Permanent Vacation album, and the 25th anniversary of the Nine Lives album. An anniversary celebration concert at Boston’s Fenway Park has been set for Sept. 8, 2022.

Aerosmith are Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees, with over 150 million album sales worldwide. The band members of Aerosmith—Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Joey Kramer, Tom Hamilton and Brad Whitford—have earned a combined 95 gold, platinum and multi-platinum certifications from the RIAA for the group’s albums, singles, and videos.

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