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Sporting Goods: HEAD Gets Its Feet Wet With Paddleboard Deal

The global sporting goods company HEAD is launching Stand Up Paddleboards with licensee co:sports.

The German company is well known as an innovator in the SUP market, with a sterling reputation for quality, safety and durability.

“Since HEAD stands for performance and innovation, among other things, we are very happy to have won a selected expert in the field of SUP with the company co:sports,” says Giuseppe Faranna, Vice President Division Manager Licensing at HEAD Sport GmbH. “We deliberately chose a partner who can offer state-of-the-art solutions for both ambitious beginners and experienced paddlers. co:sports shares this positioning with us and that’s why we’re really looking forward to the launch of the new HEAD SUPs in specialist stores.”

HEAD’s new inflatable paddleboards are now available online and at selected retailers.

HEAD has released three new types of Stand Up Paddleboards in a licensing partnership with co:sports of Germany.

The three paddleboards from the 2022 collection cover all possible usage scenarios. The “epic” is an extra wide board for young people and paddlers who are standing on an SUP for their first time. The “sublime” is considered an all-rounder for various purposes. The almost 4 meter long “grand” is ideal for extended tours.

Due to technical features such as a double outer skin (Double Rail Construction) or seams welded under high pressure (Fusion Generation 2 Technology), the HEAD boards offer maximum safety and stability on standing or flowing water. The boards can be easily folded and transported in the backpack that comes with them.

The inflatable stand up paddleboards were developed by co:sports GmbH from Rheine, Westphalia. The company acts as an official licensee and has exclusively secured the Europe-wide marketing rights for the HEAD PADDLEBOARDING brand.

“Our team’s many years of experience in the SUP sector finds the ideal partner in HEAD to take Stand Up Paddling to the next level. Our boards are characterized by the high quality and safety you are used to from HEAD, without sacrificing excellent riding dynamics,” says Ralf Kämmerling, Managing Director of co:sports.

While many manufacturers are currently experiencing delivery bottlenecks due to ongoing delays in the supply chains, HEAD says it’s SUP boards have been available in Europe from selected sports retailers and on the Internet since early April.