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Brand Liaison Secures Trollface Deals For Baozou

If you spend any time on Internet forums, you already know Trollface, the meme designed to poke fun at internet trolls since 2008.

Now, Baozou Ltd. has announced it has signed three new licensing deals for Trollface, one of the world’s most popular memes.

Baozou says its licensing agent The Brand Liaison has secured new licensing deals with YouTooz, Brisco Apparel and Just Funky for their library of viral properties, including the original Trollface; “arguably the most famous meme that has ever been created!”

The Trollface meme was originally created by 18-year-old college student Carlos Ramirez, who drew the character in Microsoft Paint in 2008. It was originally published as part of a comic strip Ramirez created about the pointless nature of trolling other people on the internet, and quickly gained traction as the almost universal emoticon for internet trolls.

Now, Baozou is putting its expertise behind the meme. Baozou is a worldwide leading internet culture brand for young adults and kids, specializing in web-content, social media, gaming, merchandising and internet personalities.

Over 160 million social media followers, 200 million emoji downloads and almost 60 million app downloads has led to over 2 billion monthly views for Baozou’s properties. Accordingly, Baozou has become a global leader for creating and building viral sensations, such as Trollface, Momo the Dog from the Netflix hit NextGen, and more.

Baozou’s worldwide strategic partners include Coca Cola, McDonalds, Frito Lays, Mars and Toyota.

In addition to outbound licensing of the entire Baozou library, The Brand Liaison says it is actively seeking new viral properties for Baozou to acquire or secure worldwide or regional licensing rights for content and consumer products.

“Baozou has established itself as an industry leader for developing and launching viral sensations,” explained Brand Liaison President Steven Heller.  “In addition to our role for licensing their current library, we are also aggressively looking for the next property, something a little edgy with potential to be the next big internet sensation.  We already have our eyes on a few properties.”

Trollface is the most popular property in Baozou’s current library. Trollface figurines are now available from YouTooz, Brisco has designed several unique apparel designs including Trollface Mona Lisa, and Just Funky is creating an entire collection of products featuring the Trollface imagery.

Trollface offers over 50 different products including comic books, t shirts, room decor, coffee mugs.

To learn more about Baozou licensing, visit The Brand Liaison at or email

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