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Global Icons Making Waves For Brunswick’s Marine Brands

Global Icons is powering into the marine industry, winning its first contract in the sector with Brunswick Corporation. Brunswick is one of the top companies in the global recreational marine industry, producing many of the… . . . read more

Licensing Mergers: IMG Acquires Auction and Live Events Company

By Allison Watkinson TLL Reporter The licensing and brand giant IMG has acquired a majority stake in the collector car auction and live events company Barrett-Jackson. Barrett-Jackson’s events and high-energy auctions are known to attract… . . . read more

Sustainable Licensing: Johnson Outdoors Goes Camping With National Wildlife Federation

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief Have fun when you’re camping, but keep it clean. That’s the message from a newly licensed partnership between Johnson Outdoors and the National Wildlife Federation. To inspire Americans… . . . read more

Igloo and Jeep Partner on Super Cool Outdoor Adventures

Jeep is partnering with one of the coolest outdoor brands, releasing the first-ever Jeep Playmate coolers from Igloo for 4×4 enthusiasts. The new coolers feature original artwork geared toward Jeep brand enthusiasts who want to keep their refreshments… . . . read more

Character Licensing: Popeye Goes Sailing, Plays Golf, With Two New Licensing Deals

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief King Features has signed up two deals that will see Popeye the Sailor Man adopted for a sailing club and golf gear. In the first of those two… . . . read more

BSA Motorcycles Roar Back To Life: Licenses Available

BSA Company Ltd. has announced the return of the iconic British motorcycle brand BSA Motorcycles, with a brand-new model set to launch at the beginning of December. Huge news for motorcycle enthusiasts this week, as… . . . read more

Trademark Licensing: GTL Drives Licensing Deals For Scania

Leading full-service brand and licensing agency Global Trademark Licensing (GTL) has been appointed to represent Scania, a world leading provider of transport solutions including heavy lorries, trucks and buses. Scania says GTL is developing a… . . . read more

Toyota Tags Joester Loria To Give Its Licensing More Horsepower

Joester Loria Group (JLG) has won a major contract with one of the world’s largest automakers, being tapped for representation by Toyota. Toyota Motor Sales, USA says JLG has been selected to develop licensed product extensions… . . . read more

Camping World Launches Nautica Branded Outdoor Line

America’s largest RV retailer, Camping World Holdings, has partnered with Authentic Brands Group (ABG) on the launch of Nautica branded products for the marine, water and outdoor marketplace. Camping World is not only the leading company… . . . read more

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