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Character Licensing: Popeye Goes Sailing, Plays Golf, With Two New Licensing Deals

By Gary Symons

TLL Editor in Chief

King Features has signed up two deals that will see Popeye the Sailor Man adopted for a sailing club and golf gear.

In the first of those two licensing agreements, King Features has licensed Popeye the Sailor Man for Pick a Pier, an online platform that connects boaters and marinas.

Pick a Pier says the license was signed to launch its Popeye Sail Club, “the most advanced, rewarding and sustainable boating club,” in spring 2022.

Pick a Pier says a recent massive surge in recreational boating activity is expected to continue and with it the increasing demand for berthing space. With more traffic coming in and out, marinas are struggling to keep up with the growing number of boats.

Marina booking made easy, with Pick a Pier’s newly licensed Popeye Sail Club.

“At the heart of this problem is the lack of connectivity and outdated ways by which boaters communicate with marinas,” the company explains. “Popeye Sail Club, powered by Pick a Pier, leverages a robust network of marinas and cutting-edge technology to unlock a more convenient and sustainable boating experience. Pick a Pier is a leader in berthing reservations, making it as simple and convenient as booking a hotel or buying a plane ticket — and with Popeye’s help, the experience is getting even better.”

The first-of-its-kind program in the boating industry is based on sharing economy principles and will give boaters the opportunity to make the most of their journeys. With Popeye Sail Club, boaters earn points for every sail, which can then be redeemed across hundreds of destinations as payment against reservation fees, services, amenities and more. By incentivizing boaters to book docking in advance, the program enables marinas to utilize their existing space in an optimal manner and achieve new levels of sustainability. For boaters, this means sailing more reliably while maintaining the flexibility they need — all while ensuring a thriving ocean for generations to come.

“We’re proud to have the most famous sailor in the world by our side,” commented Pick a Pier CEO Idan Cohen. “Pick a Pier is all about making the ocean accessible to more people, and there’s no one who can help us do this better than Popeye. We find it inspiring that an iconic character, who started as a black and white comic strip, is embracing new technology and behaviors that push the boating experience into the 21st century. Every day, we see firsthand that the best boaters in the world want a more premium, reliable and convenient experience — Popeye Sail Club will deliver that and more.”

The program is also introducing new levels of sustainability to the recreational boating industry. In partnership with Blue Flag, one of the most recognized sustainability award programs, Popeye Sail Club boaters commit to eco-friendly practices at sea and on shore. The Sustainable Boating Pledge, which every member is required to sign, asks boaters to follow simple yet effective rules to reduce their environmental footprint.

“We’re excited by the incredible opportunity to engage directly with boaters to promote sustainable boating practices,” said Blue Flag International Director Johann Durand. “With Popeye at the helm, we can make the message of responsible sailing far more memorable.”

For King Features, the agreement puts Popeye back where he belongs, out on the briny blue.

“This opportunity to leverage Popeye’s global appeal to drive meaningful change in waterways around the world is exciting,” said VP and GM, Global Head of Licensing, Carla Silva. “He has always been a protector of the sea, but this program takes his activism to the next level. We’re proud Popeye is serving as the face of this innovative initiative that will transform the boating experience for so many people while simultaneously doing good for the earth.”

Popeye Sail Club is launching in Europe this spring and will include some of the best destinations in the region. Boaters from participating marinas will be the first to receive their exclusive invitation and start enjoying the program’s benefits as the sailing season begins. Other boaters can add themselves to the waitlist at

Popeye Tees Up New Apparel Deal In Time For PGA Show


While not at sea, it looks like Popeye will be taking a break on the golf links.

King Features says Popeye Golf USA, the ultimate source for Popeye branded golf gear, is hitting the green in Orlando, Fl. this week at the 2022 PGA Show, where golf enthusiasts and professionals will have the opportunity to explore the new product range.

Popeye Golf USA is officially licensed from King Features Syndicate, a unit of Hearst and home to some of the world’s most popular entertainment characters. Golfers will be swinging easy with Popeye Golf USA’s new line of apparel, golf gear, and accessories. The iconic Sailor Man and his friends Olive Oyl, Wimpy, and Bluto adorn the new collection featuring hats, polo shirts, sweatshirts, tees, golf balls, and driver and putter covers, with new drops added regularly.

While Popeye Golf USA is coming soon to a ProShop near you, the collection is available now at and For the latest brand news on Popeye and his friends, please visit

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