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Sustainable Licensing: Johnson Outdoors Goes Camping With National Wildlife Federation

By Gary Symons

TLL Editor in Chief

Have fun when you’re camping, but keep it clean. That’s the message from a newly licensed partnership between Johnson Outdoors and the National Wildlife Federation.

To inspire Americans to “camp green and come clean for Earth,” the National Wildlife Federation is partnering with Johnson Outdoors to launch this year’s Great American Campout.

A pristine wilderness is key to Johnson Outdoors, a global company that focuses on outdoor recreation equipment, from watercraft, fishing, paddling, SCUBAPRO diving equipment, hiking gear and Eureka camping equipment.

That makes the National Wildlife Federation an ideal partner. Founded in 1936, the National Wildlife Federation is America’s largest grassroots conservation organization with 52 state and territorial affiliates, and more than six million members and supporters, including hunters, anglers, gardeners, birders, hikers, campers, paddlers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes.

The Great American Campout is a joint program that encourages people to get outdoors and connect with nature in a meaningful, responsible way. The goal is to leave no waste, no trace, and pick up litter to conserve the environment so future generations can enjoy the outdoors for years to come.

The NWF says picking up litter at campsites, on the trails and in surrounding areas is an easy way to camp responsibly. By taking the Clean Earth Challenge, participants become part of a wide-scale effort to clean up the planet. The Challenge calls on tens of millions of individuals, families, students, teachers, environmentalists, and leaders to get outdoors and take simple conservation actions to help improve the health of the planet by collecting 1 million pieces of trash.

“Whether stargazing from one of our iconic national parks or roasting S’mores over a fire in your backyard, the Great American Campout is the perfect way to spend quality time safely with family and friends, while learning about nature and wildlife,” said Frank Keating, associate vice president of consumer marketing at the National Wildlife Federation. “The pandemic has shown how meaningful it can be to unplug and spend uninterrupted quality time outdoors with family, especially during these challenging times.

“Through our partnership with Johnson Outdoors, we are empowering Americans to act as responsible stewards of the environment while creating lasting connections with nature.”

Keating says thousands of campers nationwide are taking the pledge to enjoy nature and protect wildlife during the National Wildlife Federation’s 18th annual Great American Campout, which will run from June to October.

The Great American Campout is a celebration of camping as a way to connect with nature and highlight that camping can take place during any season and in almost any location. And by leaving no waste or no trace, participants help improve the health of the environment so future generations can enjoy the outdoors for years to come.

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