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BSA Motorcycles Roar Back To Life: Licenses Available

BSA Company Ltd. has announced the return of the iconic British motorcycle brand BSA Motorcycles, with a brand-new model set to launch at the beginning of December.

Huge news for motorcycle enthusiasts this week, as the famous BSA brand returns with the unveiling of an all-new bike on Dec. 4.

BSA is a British motorcycle brand that was once the largest producer of motorbikes in the world, at one point selling one of every four motorcycles in the world.

The all-new modern classic motorcycle will be unveiled to the public at the Motorcycle Live show on 4 December 2021. Further details about the new model will be revealed at the show, which means BSA afficionados will have to wait just a little longer to lay their hands on the much-anticipated motorcycle.

Standing for Birmingham Small Arms Company Ltd, BSA was founded in 1861, for the production of firearms. The brand’s motorcycle division was set up in 1903, and the first motorcycle was introduced in 1910.

While we don’t know what the new BSA motorcycle will look like, this is a recent design concept produced for brand owner Mahindra.

The brand went on to become the largest supplier of motorcycles to the Allied Forces during the Second World War. By the 1950s, BSA was the world’s largest motorcycle maker, with one in every four motorcycles sold worldwide sporting the BSA badge. The company also enjoyed phenomenal success on the race track, with notable victories at Daytona and Santa Catalina.

Over the course of the century, BSA carved out a hallowed name among motorcycle enthusiasts, with legendary nameplates such as the Golden Flash, Bantam, Lightning, Firebird and Gold Star becoming cult favourites.

While operations ceased in the 1970s, BSA Company Ltd. was given a new lease of life in October 2016, when the BSA Motorcycles brand and the rights to the motorcycle business were acquired by the Mahindra Group, a manufacturer of automobiles and tractors. While the brand is not a household name in North America, Mahindra is the largest producer of tractors by volume, and is renowned for its technological prowess.

In 2016 Mahindra was looking at how to make a bigger move into the world of two-wheeled transportation, and while it already produced small bikes in India, it saw the BSA brand as a great fit for international marketing. Like Triumph, BSA remains a hallowed brand among enthusiasts worldwide, and particularly in India.

After a four-year wait, the new petrol-engine motorcycle is now ready to hit the roads, and will be officially launched at the Motorcycle Live show, held between 4-12 December at NEC Birmingham, Hall 4, Stand 4D10.

Earlier this year, BSA Company Ltd. was also awarded a £4.6 million grant by the UK Government for the development of zero-emission motorcycles, as part of the low-carbon automotive initiative. BSA is expected to be a leading brand for Mahindra as the company moves into zero emission vehicles.

Most importantly for licensees, Mahindra is seeking licensing deals globally for its new, premiere motorcycle line. BSA is now represented by Licensing Management International. Interested licensees can contact the company in the United Kingdom by phone at 01425 403430 or by email at

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