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Harry Potter Can Go Quidditch Cruising, No Broomsticks Required

Following the success of the first-ever Harry Potter-inspired cruiser bike in 2020, Dynacraft is partnering with Warner Bros. Consumer Products introduce a new Harry Potter Quidditch themed bike in time for holiday season 2021.

Dynacraft’s new Quidditch themed bike features custom Harry Potter graphics and a prominently displayed, colorful Quidditch logo in front that is stylishly contrasted by the bike’s sleek black frame and a black and silver-checkered design along its chain guard, safety pad and handlebar-mounted shield.

The four Quidditch player positions are etched across the bike’s frame, while the Seeker  position is inscribed on the chain guard.

“Wizarding World fans can imagine that they are flying around on their own broom when riding our new, stylishly-designed Quidditch-themed bike,” says Patricia Gates, Dynacraft Director of Business Operations. “Teamed with our existing Gryffindor-themed model, Harry Potter enthusiasts can enjoy a truly, magically exciting ride on either bike!”  

Gates says Hogwarts fans should also stay tuned for another release in the Harry Potter bike family coming in spring of 2022

Dynacraft BSC, Inc. is the largest privately held distributor of bicycles, scooters and battery-powered ride-ons in the United States, available at major national and regional mass market retailers throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Dynacraft, Warner Bros. Partner on Themed Bikes and Quads

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