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Trademark Licensing: Licensed Scooter Puts a Bugatti In Your Garage For Less

The luxury sports car marque Bugatti has partnered with design company Bytech to launch a high-quality, revolutionary electric scooter.

The state-of-the-art model was created through a deal brokered by IMG, and first appeared as a prototype unveiled at the CES 2022 expo in Las Vegas.

“This collaboration between Bugatti and Bytech further establishes Bugatti as an iconic 360° luxury and lifestyle brand,” said Randy Klein, Vice President of Licensing, IMG. “We are really excited to see the launch of this electric scooter and we have no doubt it will be very popular.”

Now available to consumers in a slick blue, black and silver package, the electric scooter includes a 700w motor, nine-inch run-flat tires, three speeds with cruise control, and a 36v/10ah battery. The scooter is constructed with a magnesium alloy frame making it lightweight with a zippy power-to-weight ratio and a top speed of 18 mph.

That is, admittedly, somewhat slower than the Bugatti Chiron’s top speed of 261 mph. On the other hand, the Chiron sells for a tad less than $3 million.

“We are excited to partner with such an amazing brand that represents luxury, elegance and top quality in a growing industry yearning for enhanced design, and improved performance,” said Eli Mizrahi, Business Development Executive at Bytech. “Focusing on rider safety, we have also incorporated the evolving needs of the consumer, through innovative technologies.”

Recognising safety as a first and foremost concern, the Bugatti electric scooter is equipped with cutting-edge technologies to ensure driver protection. For those purposes, the electric scooter features unique lighting functions. Its dual-turn signals are located on the ergonomic handle grips, as well as above the rear mudguard. Additionally, there are illuminated base lights on the sides of the deck, and a back “EB” monogram projection logo for enhanced artistry, style and performance, especially at nighttime. It has a dual-braking system, a front left hand break lever and rear E-ABS electronic brake for added security and comfort.

The scooter is now available in the US, Canada and Mexico.

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