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Who’s News: Exile Studio Tags Stephen Davis to Head Kids Programming

Exile Content Studio has created a new children’s programming division, to be headed by former Hasbro Chief Content Officer Stephen Davis.
The LA-based studio is better known for its adult dramas, like the Netflix hit El Chapo, but is now creating a kid’s division. The company says Davis will lead a major expansion through the acquisition and development of new IP, and will also oversee the consumer product licensing business.
According to a statement from Exile, the studio now has eight series in development in a mix of animated and live action projects. Exile also says it is focusing on programming for Latino children, which it describes as a large but still under served audience in the US and abroad.
Exile has only been operating since its launch in 2018, and got into children’s entertainment only this year with the release of Club Mundo Kids, so picking up an industry heavyweight like Davis is a major coup.

Davis has reportedly been consulting for the studio since he retired from Hasbro in September last year.

He most recently served as chief content officer and EVP at Hasbro, one of the world’s largest entertainment and play companies. In that time, Davis was charged with managing the company’s most important entertainment projects, including  Transformers, My Little Pony, Power Rangers and Dungeons & Dragons.

As he’ll be doing at Exile, Davis also led Hasbro’s consumer products licensing division globally, known as one of the largest and most active CP licensing operations in the world.