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Who’s News: Licensing Vet Bill Patterson Joins Octane 5

Licensing software leader Octane 5 has announced experienced licensing executive Bill Patterson has joined its team.

Octane5 is the company behind the BrandComply Licensing Enterprise Platform and VERITYTM Product Authentication products.

Co-founder and co-president Mike Dunn says Patterson will take on the role of Executive Vice President, Product Authentication where he will be responsible for driving growth in the product authentication market and setting strategy for their partnership with Crane Authentication.

Licensing Technology: Octane5 Partners With Crane Currency For Product Authentication

“Like so many others, we have known and respected Bill for many years,” said Dunn.  “He has long been a strong, passionate voice for the licensing industry, even before his time on the Licensing International board. This passion, combined with his unique and deep knowledge of the industry, sports marketing and the product authentication space make him a natural fit and we’re proud to welcome him to our team.”

Patterson joins the Octane5 team effective immediately and will remain based in Maryland while spending significant time in the Octane5 Atlanta offices.

“With nearly 20 years of industry experience, I’ve seen many companies come and go,” stated Patterson. “Octane5 has been a stalwart of the brand protection and licensing industries and I am thrilled to help them grow their collaboration with Crane.

“The combination of Crane’s world-class technology and Octane5’s nimble delivery, implementation and software create a powerhouse in the brand protection market like no other,” he added.

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