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Wurlitzer and LMCA To Make Beautiful Music Together

Wurlitzer Partners with LMCA to Extend the Brand into New Categories

The venerable music-making brand Wurlitzer has appointed global brand extension licensing agency LMCA to extend its brand into new categories in audio, music, and entertainment areas.

Wurlitzer is a venerable German American brand known for its innovative musical instruments and equipment that helped “bring music to the millions” since 1853.

“We are delighted to be working with Wurlitzer, an iconic, fun, and engaging musical powerhouse, to extend the brand into new and creative areas,” said LMCA’s CEO Ciarán Coyle. “Wurlitzer’s reputation and influence in music and culture, and its unique designs, offer significant opportunities to create beautiful products that offer relevant, new touchpoints for consumers. We look forward to working alongside the Wurlitzer family to build out a successful international licensing program.”

The Wurlitzer brand earned its place in musical history through its original and transformative innovations that have influenced the music industry and society for generations. Wurlitzer was founded in 1853 in the United States by German immigrant Franz Rudolph Wurlitzer, who imported stringed, woodwind and brass instruments from Germany.

The company began manufacturing its own innovative products in 1880, and became famous worldwide for the distinctive sound of the Wurlitzer electric piano. The Mighty Wurlitzer organs were showcased in America’s finest musical landmarks, and the Wurlitzer jukeboxes that brought people together to enjoy music in new ways.

Originally founded in Germany, Wurlitzer has a deeply rooted heritage in crafting European quality musical instruments and innovations that inspire, influence, and entertain. After 172 years in operation, Wurlitzer is still run by the original founding family.

LMCA says it will draw on the brand’s enduring legacy in music innovation and long-lasting craftsmanship to extend Wurlitzer’s footprint into new areas for the music enthusiast in North America and Europe. It plans to focus on audio, music and entertainment products and services.

We are overjoyed to partner with LMCA to create new opportunities for our fans to experience Wurlitzer,” said Wurlitzer president Gudrun Wurlitzer. “Wurlitzer is our family’s brand and we have been making musical instruments and products since 1659. Through licensed product extensions, the company’s original brand mission of bringing people together through the joy of music will continue to live on and inspire music lovers in new and exciting ways.”

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