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Art Licensing: ARTiSTORY Launches Innovative Program With Living Artists

Art and Cultural IP specialist ARTiSTORY has taken the next step in its innovative licensing model by launching an artist collaborations program.

ARTiSTORY is taking the move as a way to build a bridge between the wealth of art that it already represents, and the modern artists it also works with.

The company says partnerships with living artists will see three-way co-branding between brands, artists and museums and gives established and emerging artists the chance to draw inspiration from the rich cultural and artistic treasures of the archives of ARTiSTORY’s museum partners. Thanks to the deep well of cultural content held by ARTiSTORY’s many clients, these artists will be able to create fresh, contemporary artwork in their own unique personal style. 

By bringing together cultural IP, international artists and global brands, ARTiSTORY will further expand museums’ licensing programs and service the rapid increase in demand for art and cultural IP through its “Artefacts to Merchandise” and digital storytelling model. 

 “This is a win-win for everyone.” says Alicia Chen, Country Manager of ARTiSTORY’s Singapore Office who is managing the artists program. “Artists get the opportunity to be associated with the world’s top museums, brands can provide consumers with access to their favourite artists via uniquely designed products endorsed by museums, and museums can engage new audiences, particularly a younger demographic who follow and support their favourite designers on social media.”

A mural from China’s Mogao Caves, now serving as the inspiration for modern art.

As one example, two famous international artists, Ukrainian artist Sveta Dorosheva and British artist Laura Greenan, are working on new artwork inspired by ARTiSTORY’s museum partner Dunhuang. Dunhuang was an essential meeting point on the Silk Road for travellers passing between East and West one thousand years ago and this gathering of diverse people and cultures led to the creation of great legacies such as the world-famous stucco sculptures and the murals of Mogao Caves which are now providing rich inspiration for artists to continue the cultural creativity of Dunhuang for a new era.  

Originally from Ukraine and currently based in Israel, Sveta’s narrative art and detailed illustration reveals her fascination for myth and fairytales. Sveta has published best-selling books and has been shortlisted twice for the World Illustration Awards. For ARTiSTORY’s artist program, Sveta is creating canopies, murals, and flying images of Dunhuang taking inspiration from the murals of the Mogao Caves. 

Laura Greenan’s style (see photo at top) has been described as “Jelly Candy Pop Art”. Her vibrant, joyful illustrations include elements of psychedelia, Art Deco and fantasy and she takes influences from the 1960s as well as current popular culture including computer games and films. Laura has previously worked with Vogue Japan, Francis Wren Candle and The Wall Street Journal. She is currently working on creations inspired by Dunhuang’s architecture, canopies and Mojing patterns which will be licensed by ARTiSTORY for co-branded products. 

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