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ARTiSTORY Adds Brooklyn Museum To Licensing Portfolio

ARTiSTORY is becoming a major power within the art and culture industry, by specializing in working with institutions like art galleries and institutions.

Now, the Brooklyn Museum in New York has become the latest partner to join the art and cultural licensing specialist.

The licensing agency says the museum’s mission—“To create inspiring encounters with art that expand the ways we see ourselves, the world and its possibilities”—resonates perfectly with ARTiSTORY, which focuses on transforming “Artefacts to Merchandise”. By reinterpreting a collection spanning centuries of history, ARTiSTORY says the partnership is set to create an exciting future, combining product innovation, immersive experiences, and engaging marketing.

“At ARTiSTORY we strive to discover and share the stories behind the artefacts, to bring innovation in product manufacturing and licensing collaborations alongside groundbreaking shows, exhibitions and immersive experiences in order to expand the possibilities that the global heritage sector has to offer,” explains Yizan He, Co-Founder and CEO of ARTiSTORY and Managing Partner of SIPIC. “By partnering with the Brooklyn Museum, we access incredible collections, reflecting the development of humanity across the world, including many American and Native American artefacts—an exciting new partnership we’re thrilled to begin.”

As detailed in earlier articles in TLL, ARTiSTORY has spent the last two years expanding its footprint in Europe, Asia, and North America. It currently has offices in London, Barcelona, Shanghai, Singapore, Beijing and Boston, and is supported with IP protection and business investment from Sinofaith IP Investment Company (SIPIC), an investment arm focused on art and cultural IP. (For deep background, see the links below this story)

As a Master Licensee, ARTiSTORY plans to license designs created from the Brooklyn Museum’s internationally-renowned collection of 1.5 million works of art, craft, design and artefacts. With global rights, ARTiSTORY will work with licensees across a range of product categories to bring the likes of Claude Monet, John Edward Hicks, John Singer Sargent, Katsushika Hokusai, Charles Sheeler, William Morris, Berthe Morisot, Mary Cassatt, and Utagawa Hiroshige to the global market.

The Brooklyn Museum is the latest institution to partner with cultural licensing specialist ARTiSTORY.

Sharon Matt Atkins, Deputy Director for Art for the Brooklyn Museum, says working with the specialist licensing agency allows the institution to better share its artistic and cultural assets with the wider world, while financially supporting the museum’s work.

“We are excited to collaborate with ARTiSTORY and to share our collection with a global community,” Atkins said. “We have been impressed with ARTiSTORY’s commitment to creating dynamic opportunities to engage with art and its histories. Moving beyond traditional licensing programs, ARTiSTORY appealed to us as a partner of choice due to their dedication to providing art historical background and context on source images while also developing new and innovative ways to use art to inspire new audiences.”

The Brooklyn Museum joins a growing list of prestigious cultural partners for ARTiSTORY, including the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; the National Gallery, London; the National Palace Museum, Taiwan; and Dunhuang Culture & Tourism Group.

A style guide for episodes containing Brooklyn Museum creatives will be available in the coming months. Licensees interested in the program can contact

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