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Collectibles: Panini Scores With Extension of Premier League Contract

The Premier League announced it has granted a multiyear collectibles licensing extension to its partner Panini.

The Premier League is, as the name suggests, the top level for football (aka soccer) in the United Kingdom, and serves a rabid fanbase in the nation where football was first developed and popularized.

“We are proud to be awarded the most prestigious license in the UK, and we relish the prospect of continuing to grow the market in the coming years,” said Mike Riddell, Panini UK Managing Director.

Sales of Panini’s Premier League trading cards exploded since 2019, despite the challenges of the pandemic.

Panini first gained the license in 2019, and since then sales of Premier League Adrenalyn trading cards have soared, doubling over the past year, and making it the marketing leading brand for trading cards.

Panini also has established the iconic Panini sticker album brand as the number 1 collectible in the UK with Premier League sticker sales last season climbing to the highest level for 15 years, despite the challenges of the pandemic.

Internationally, Premier League collectibles are at an all-time high as Panini continues to leverage the strength of the Premier League brand worldwide thanks to its global network.

“Panini has ignited the Football collectibles market in the USA, China and internationally,” said Peter Warsop, Panini Group’s Licensing Director. “The Premier League will continue to attract new fans and collectors with Panini enjoying continued substantial growth both domestically and through 60-plus other International markets.”

Will Brass, the Premier League’s Chief Commercial Officer, says the extension was an easy decision, given Panini’s impact on the league’s domestic and global fan base.

“Stickers and trading cards are a great way for fans around the world to engage with the Premier League and its clubs,” Brass explained. “Panini has been a great partner since becoming the Premier League’s official sticker and trading card licensee in 2019, and we look forward to continuing to build our relationship over coming seasons.”

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