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Dr. Scholl’s Puts Best Foot Forward in Auto Licensing Deal

Licensing agency Brandgenuity has extended popular foot care brand Dr. Scholl’s into automotive accessories with industry leader Custom Accessories.

Since 1974, Custom Accessories has been a leader in vehicle accessories. The company offers a complete portfolio of products and solutions including seat cushions, seat covers, and steering wheel covers. Custom Accessories distributes to mass, automotive, drug, and online channels.

“We are thrilled to welcome Custom Accessories to the Dr. Scholl’s family and to our growing roster of successful licensees,” said Kate Godbout, SVP, Marketing.

“As a company, we want to help everyone whatever their age or condition to live life to the fullest potential,” added Godbout.

“What we love about this partnership is that many of us spend so much time in our cars and trucks, commuting, and traveling with our families. With the help of the team at Custom Accessories we can provide the ergonomic comfort that drivers need with support and relief engineered right in.”

Since its origins in 1906, Dr. Scholl’s has become well-known for high-quality products dedicated to foot care and pain relief. Dr. Scholl’s products are clinically engineered and proven to provide comfort, reduce fatigue, and relieve and prevent lower body pain.

The brand has long-standing licensing partnerships in the categories of both footwear and socks. Custom accessories will be Dr. Scholl’s third licensing partnership.

“This is going to be a game changer for retailers, consumers and for our company,” said Vince Alesi, EVP of Custom Accessories.

“Our R&D team is working on how to create truly differentiated products that will leverage unique materials and technologies to reduce pain, provide relief and minimize fatigue,” Added Alesi.

“We have so many ideas and we are so excited to collaborate with the Dr. Scholl’s team. And we are all going to benefit from this partnership which is what licensing is all about.”

The partnership between Dr. Scholl’s and Custom Accessories was brokered by Brandgenuity, the exclusive licensing agency for the Dr. Scholl’s brand.

Brandgenuity is a global independent brand licensing agency that works to extend brands into products, services and experiences that raise consumer awareness and generate revenue.

Custom Accessories expects the first line of licensed Dr. Scholl’s automotive accessories to launch in Q1 of 2023. The products will be sold at retail and online channels throughout the U.S.