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FLYNN Collective to Rep Home Design Star Sabrina Soto

The HGTV Star and Latinx Home and Lifestyle expert, Sabrina Soto, has appointed FLYNN Collective to serve as her exclusive licensing agency.

Soto is a first-generation Cuban-American who has become a bonafide star in the world of home design and fashion. She is a Design TV star with over 20 years on major networks including HGTV, TLC, NBC, and CBS.  She currently stars in the #1 prime time home design show Secret Celebrity Renovation on CBS, and is the co-host of of the Roku Original, Squeaky Clean with Leslie Jordan.

Known for her vibrant personality, Soto thrives by helping families create a stylish home without a huge price tag.  She is a best-selling author and host of her top-rated design podcast, and designer of the Sabrina Soto rug collection with Unique Loom.  Sabrina Soto has also collaborated with leading brands such as Target, Walmart, Kitchen Aid, Wayfair, and Martha Stewart.

“Sabrina Soto is the ideal design authority to represent and tap into the Latinx and multi-cultural consumer market, which accounts for 18% of the US population and yet is still underserved,” says Jennifer Flynn Case, CEO, of FLYNN Collective, the strategic brand-building agency launched in February 2021 by the licensing veteran. “The Hispanic population not only spends more on major home appliances, furniture and home textiles than the average U.S. household, but also is younger in age, which puts them in the sweet spot for home furnishings retailers.”

FLYNN Collective is seeking exciting new collaborations, partnerships, and licenses to further fortify and extend the Sabrina Soto brand into additional Home Furnishing categories. Anyone interested in licensing partnerships can contact Jennifer Flynn Case at the Flynn Collective,, 424-208-0760

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