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LEGO Launches Gigantic AT-AT Walker As Part of Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series

Star Wars and LEGO have done some big things together, but few match the gigantic new AT-AT Walker from LEGO’s Ultimate Collector Series.

As every Star Wars fan will know, the AT-AT Walker featured in the epic Battle of Hoth scene in The Empire Strikes Back. The Walker towered over the Rebel forces on the frozen planet of Hoth, but was taken down by Luke Skywalker in one of the best known scenes in the entire Star Wars series.

The Walker released by LEGO this month is equally epic, both in size and attention to detail. Standing a massive 24.5 inches high, the AT-AT has space for a good-sized army of 40 LEGO mini-figures, four speeder bikes, and the included E-Web blaster. Two of the speeder bikes are included, as are nine mini-figures, including Luke Skywalker and General Veers. The cockpit, that looks a bit like a dinosaur’s head, has room for three mini-figures, and is fully articulated. In fact, the entire AT-AT can be posed, as the legs, cockpit and other parts are movable and posable.

You and what army? The AT-AT Walker from LEGO’s Ultimate Collectors Series answers that question in style, carrying no fewer than 40 Star Wars LEGO mini-figures, four speeders and an E-Web blaster, as featured in the film The Empire Strikes Back.

The set is also one of the largest – and most expensive – LEGO has ever offered, but it’s in line with the other sets released as part of the Ultimate Collectors Series. At $799 the set is priced identically to the previously released Millennium Falcon, and is $100 more than the Imperial Star Destroyer. Price does not seem to be an issue for fans, as the massive set is currently sold out in the US.

This set includes 6,785 pieces and measures 27-inches long, and while it’s what LEGO calls a “complex build”, it comes with clear instructions so pretty much anyone can build it over time with a little persistence. Once built, the AT-AT has an information plaque to be used for display purposes, but it also has a lot of playability. The build-and-display model features posable legs and head, cannons with a realistic recoil action, rotating cannons, bomb-drop hatch and a hook to attach to Luke Skywalker’s line, just like in the Battle of Hoth.

For a better idea of the scale and attention to detail in this set, check out LEGO’s video below: