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Food Licensing: M&M Game Melts On Your Mobile, Not In Your Hands

By Allison Watkinson

TLL Reporter

Free-to-play games publisher, Tilting Point, has formed a licensing partnership with Gear Inc. and Mars Retail Group for an M&M’s branded mobile game.

The game has been named M&M’s Adventure and is the first mobile game to feature the M&M’s characters. The upcoming game will include more than 1000 levels and feature multiple types of in-game promotions. These promotions include competitive leaderboards, month-long seasonal events, and more.

“Players will get to experience the iconic M&M’S brand through a mobile game for the first time, which feels exciting, fresh and totally natural at the same time,” said Samir Agili, president and Co-CEO of Tilting Point. “We look forward to delivering a new way to experience the M&M’S brand to fans around the world.”

M&M’S Adventure will benefit from Tilting Point’s services in app store optimization, marketing creative and UA management. The focus of Tilting Point is to boost the international efforts of developers using deep marketing and product expertise as well as user acquisition war chests. Tilting Point currently has over 35 developer partners.

M&M’S Adventure is being developed by Vietnam-based mobile gaming company, Gear Inc. Founded in 2006, Gear’s game development team consists of more than 400 people with genre knowledge spanning RPG’s, puzzle games, casino games, and more.

Mars Retail Group is the owner of the M&M’s IP. It is a popular confectionery, food and petcare production company. With $40 billion in annual sales, Mars produces some of the world’s most iconic brands.

M&M’S Adventure will launch on Apple iOS and Android mobile devices in Spring 2022 and is available now for pre-registration on Android devices on the Google Play Store.