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Sustainable Licensing: ZAG’s Miraculous Tackles Plastic Pollution in New Partnership

The superheroes from Miraculous are fighting the evils of plastic pollution in a partnership with The Breteau Foundation.

The foundation says it is collaborating with the animation studios ZAG and ON Kids & Family to produce a special episode of the hit show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Scheduled for release in the spring of 2023, the episode seeks to inspire “the next generation of change makers in the fight against plastic.”

“We are sensitive to ecology and environmental protection through the actions we plan to launch shortly within our future foundation ZAG Forest,” said Jeremy Zag, the CEO and founder of ZAG. “In this context, it seemed obvious to us to participate in the initiative of the Breteau foundation and to put our heroes at the service of this cause. Ladybug and Cat Noir are the best ambassadors of tomorrow’s issues and will be able to accompany children in their ability to create a better world.”

The partnership combines the educational expertise of The Breteau Foundation with the storytelling skills of ZAG and ON, not to mention access to the millions of fans who watch Miraculous on a regular basis.

“At the Breteau Foundation, we believe in providing opportunities for children to become engaged in real world issues that transcend classroom walls,” said Sebastien Breteau, Founder of the Breteau Foundation. “Partnering with Miraculous Ladybug to produce a special episode on plastic was a unique opportunity for us to reach millions of children worldwide to raise awareness on the Global Plastic Crisis and inspire them to become active changemakers.”

Established in 2014, the Breteau Foundation is a global non-profit organization that has provided quality and inclusive education to the most disadvantaged primary schools and children in 11 countries worldwide. Breteau specializes in EdTech; providing schools with computer tablets loaded with world-class apps that are aligned to local languages & national curriculums.

In this special episode, Miraculous characters Marinette, Adrien and their friends want to actively fight plastic pollution in Paris, but as a small group, the task seems just too enormous. It occurs to Marinette that they should try to fix the problem at the root, by trying to meet with the largest plastic manufacturer in person and convince him to change his habits. But the heroes are about to meet an opponent in plain clothes far more fearsome than some of the supervillains they encounter! And what if, on top of that, Monarch, the super villain, decided to use his powers to ‘akumatize’ the baron of plastic, and turn him to evil?

The Breteau Foundation says it initiated the collaboration with ZAG and ON kids & family (Mediawan Group) in 2020 after searching for an entertainment partner with a strong presence among children,” said Aton Soumache, Founder and President of ON Kids & Family. “This message will be all the more powerful as it is carried by Ladybug, a heroine as famous as she is aspirational. The DNA of our series and the values it conveys are naturally in line with the issues defended by the Breteau Foundation,” Soumache declares.

While ZAG and ON are producing the special episode on reducing plastic, the Breteau Foundation will work with them to enhance the script with key educational messages. Furthermore, the Breteau Foundation is developing an accompanying series of workshops that will include lesson plans, teaching resources and STEAM learning tools catered to local primary school curriculum and available to download free.

The educational film and workshops will be accessible for free on the Breteau Foundation website in spring of 2023, available initially in six languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Norwegian.

This approach is also part of a global dynamic of the Mediawan group, which wishes to commit itself fully in the upcoming months to measuring the impact of its activities on the environment.

For more information, head to this link on the Breteau Foundation website.

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