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Toy Fair Going Ahead Despite Omicron Outbreak In UK

By Allison Watkinson

TLL Reporter

The British Toy and Hobby Association has confirmed that the licensing trade show, Olympia Toy Fair 2022, will be going ahead as planned.

It will be taking place from Jan. 25 to 27, barring any sudden changes in government safety regulations.

The Toy Fair is known as the UK’s largest game and hobby event. In 2020, the Toy Fair featured 260 exhibiting companies and showcased thousands of toys and games to industry professionals.

The upcoming Toy Fair will be adhering to health and safety standards set by both government regulations and industry guidance.

“We continue to recommend that exhibitors also strongly factor hygiene into their planning by regularly cleaning high frequency touchpoints and demonstration products, offering hand sanitizer to all visitors and monitoring numbers to avoid overcrowding on a stand.” said BTHA in a recent statement.

To increase the safety of the event, attendees and staff will need to provide full proof of vaccination or a negative PCR or lateral flow test, except in cases of medical exemption. Participants will also be required to wear masks and submit to COVID-19 status checks.

Working with Olympia, the BTHA will be providing hand sanitizing stations, two points of entry and exit to reduce crowding, and enhanced cleaning protocols to limit the risk of COVID transmission.

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