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Who’s News: Bethan Garton Takes Key Role as CCO of The Point.1888

The rapidly growing licensing agency The Point.1888 has appointed Bethan Garton as its new Chief Commercial Officer.

CEO Will Stewart says the company has gone through a leadership restructuring following the launch of two sister companies, Story.1888 and Spotlight.1888, and the signing of 14 new brands.

With all that new business activity, Stewart says his own role will change, and the company needed a highly qualified operations expert to take the reins at The Point.1888.

“Bethan has a long-distinguished career in licensing, with more years of experience than me, and is therefore the right person to take the business forward,” said Stewart. “With her experience, she is perfectly placed to take The Point.1888 to the next level, while inspiring and motivating the amazing team we have built at The Point.”

Bethan Garton will now take over the overall running of The Point.1888, including all commercial aspects, brand management, licensee partnerships, product development, retail, legal and finance, as well as the more recent focus on international growth.

Stewart in turn will have a different focus to help build the new businesses and any future businesses, under the True Purpose Enterprises umbrella. Story.1888, the creative marketing agency, and Spotlight.1888, the new retail agency, are now attracting a large number of clients as the businesses all complement each other. Stewart says the move will help allow clients to receive incredible service from the well-established and knowledgeable team in place.

Having worked with brand owners, agencies and licensees, and brands such as Star Wars, Fisher-Price, Coca-Cola, L.O.L. Surprise, CoComelon and many more, as well as huge category experience, Garton is well placed to take The Point.1888 to the next level.

In fact, Garton revealed she has already been working in that role for some time to help the company grow its new business units.

“Over the last 12 months, while Will and I have been planning the future of the business, I have already been acting as CCO and wherever possible taking on the running of The Point.1888 to allow Will to focus on new business areas,” said Garton. “I’m delighted to take on the role and look forward to working with our incredible team to continue to create leading licensing programmes that excel at retail for our clients.”

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