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Who’s News: Insight Editions Chooses Licensing Veteran as Editorial Director

Insight Editions has promoted Vicki Jaeger to Vice President, Editorial Director, at Insight Editions and Insight Kids.

“In her 16-month tenure at Insight Editions, Vicki has tackled a variety of challenges while growing our editorial team,” said Raoul Goff, Founder and President of Insight Editions.

“I appreciate her commitment to improving communication and process within her team and the company, and look forward to her continued success at Insight Editions.”

Jaeger originally joined Insight Editions as Editorial Director in 2021. Previously, she held the position of Development Editor for Readerlink working on Thunder Bay, Canterbury Classics, and Portable Press imprints. She has also held licensing roles with Mattel, Saban Brands, Warner Bros., Disney Publishing, and MGA Entertainment.

An industry veteran, Jaeger has been working in the licensing and editorial fields since 1991. Her specialties include consumer products creation, high-volume project management, managing partner relationships, and tracking industry trends.

Founded in 2001 by Raoul Goff, Insight Editions is a bestselling publisher of books and collectibles. Through its licensed publishing program, Insight Editions creates unique books and products that provide new ways to engage with fan-favorite characters and stories.

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