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Author Inks Her Own Deal For Kids Book Collection

Author Zane Carson Carruth has partnered with a mailing catalog for release of a two-piece set collection of her popular children’s novel series.

The set will include the first book in the series; The World’s First Tooth Fairy…Ever, and a Coloring & Activity Book based on the award-winning novels.

Zane Carson Carruth is an international children’s book author, a certified business etiquette and protocol professional and sits on numerous non-profit boards in Houston, TX. She is also the vice president of the Carruth Foundation.

The novel series teaches children valuable life lessons as well as providing entertainment. Among the major lessons in the series is accepting responsibility for one’s actions and tackling challenges with a positive attitude.

The coloring book includes multiple pages of popular scenes from the novel series. Carruth believes that “letting your child enjoy art at an early age helps them grow and develop into a well-rounded adult!”

The author has completed four books in the Abella series. Her novels have won multiple awards such as the Story Monsters Seal of Approval, the Story Book of Approval, and the Purple Dragonfly Book Award.

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