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Character Licensing: Emmy-Nominated Oddbods Hitting Theaters

The animated Youtube sensation Oddbods is moving past social video and into theaters, inking a deal for a “Halloween-themed 55-minute theatrical experience,” and has secured new licensing deals in Europe and Asia.

Oddbods is a three-time Emmy Award-nominated, non-dialogue comedy featuring seven adorable, highly unique pals, produced in a CGI animation format. Together, despite their differences, the Oddbods survive the perils of everyday life, unintentionally turning ordinary situations into unexpected, extraordinary, and always humorous events.

The series’ quirky humor has attracted a massive audience for Oddbods, which now boasts 28 million subscribers on its Youtube channel, racking up 25 billion views. The company also has an extensive footprint across retail, and gaming and theme parks that include strategic partnerships with Amazon, Walmart, Target, Argos & Sainsbury’s, and SEGA.

The award-winning content creation, distribution and licensing studio One Animation of Singapore says it is finding new ways to bring its hit CG-animated property to fans, securing new seasonal activations and consumer products partnerships.

In the Netherlands, One Animation has inked a deal with Just In Between Pictures for an Oddbods theatrical experience, consisting of two existing extended 22-minute length specials  Party Monsters and Oddbeard’s Curse , and a seven-minute Halloween Heroes episode. The three shorts are currently available across 75 local cinemas.

In Malaysia, One Animation’s local consumer products agent ANIMONSTA Studios has secured a new publishing deal with Ladybug for a range spanning activity books and interactive products, which will launch in Q4 2021 across extensive local retail and distribution networks. A further deal has also been signed in the territory with Dr. Mama for self-sanitising kids’ fabric face masks and additional personal care items, such as hand sanitisers, with the collection launch scheduled for Q1 2022.

“A core part of our Oddbods strategy is ensuring we’re bringing the brand to life for fans all around the world through innovative, captivating, and accessible experiences – it’s important that the Oddbods gang plays a role in their lives beyond the screen,” said Sashim Parmanand, CEO at One Animation. “Both the new cinema activation and merchandise ranges give young fans and their families a variety of colourful and interactive ways to engage with the brand.”

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