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CoComelon Named Top Toy As Winners of 2021 Licensing Awards Revealed

The Moonbug Entertainment property CoComelon rode its soaring international popularity to a first place finish this week, named as the Top Licensed Toys or Games Range. Top Toy is always a hotly contested category in the annual awards from License Global, but CoComelon snagged to honor as its hugely popular line from Bandai and Jazwares flew off store shelves in 2020.
Distributed by Bandai in the UK and manufactured by Jazwares, CoComelon was the most Googled toy for the holiday season in 2020, and enjoyed 100% sell-through over the holiday season as desperate parents everywhere scrambled to get their hands on The Magical School Bus.
“CoComelon is a true phenomenon that has captured the hearts of children globally and the Jazwares line reflects the true magic of the brand,” said Sam Ferguson, Vice President Global Licensing of Jazwares. “The success we have seen globally has been mind-blowing, but this is just the start.”

The Licensing Awards announced their winners for 2021 on Sept. 14, with more than 200 retail buyers offering their expert input across the product categories for the judges panel. Various panels convened to discuss, debate and validate all the other categories to arrive at the finalists. A ceremony on Sept. 14 revealed the winners, with the full list as follows:

The U.K. Rising Star Award 

  • Abbie Burrows, category manager hardlines and FMCG, Hasbro U.K. & EMEA

Best Retailer of Preschool Licensed Products (Age Group 0-5) 

  • George@Asda

Best Retailer of Childrens Licensed Products (Age Group 5-16) 

  • Tesco

Best Retailer of Adult Licensed Products 

  • Tesco

The Radar Award 

  • The Hut Group

Best Overseas Retailer (Not in the U.K.) 

  • Aldi

Best Licensed Retail Marketing Initiative 

  • Mrs Hinch Exclusively at Tesco Campaign

Best Licensed Promotions Campaign

  •  Tom and Jerry and Xplora: The Movie Partnership (Agency: Lime Communications)

Best Licensed Live Event 

  • The Gruffalo Adventures at Royal Botanical Gardens Kew Gardens

Best Licensed Toys or Games Range 

  •  CoComelon Toys from Jazwares/Bandai

Best Licensed Dress-Up  

  •  Star Wars, The Mandalorian Costume for TU Sainsbury’s from Rubies Masquerade

Best Licensed Preschool Apparel or Accessories Range (0-5 Years)  

  • Peter Rabbit Classic SS21Collection for Nutmeg at Morrisons from Dennicci; and

Best Licensed Childrens Apparel or Accessories Range 

  • The Wizarding World Kids Fashion Range from M&S

Best Licensed Adults Apparel or Accessories Range 

  • Barbie 1959 Collection from Zara

Best Licensed Written, Listening or Learning  

  • Mr Men Little MissBooks from Farshore Books

Best Licensed Paper Products or Stationery Range 

  • Advertisement. Click for sound.
  • Peaky Blinders Calendar, Diary, Greeting Cards and Gift Bag Collection from Danilo Promotions

Best Licensed Giftware Range, Home Décor, Tableware or Housewares Range 

  • Peanuts 70th Anniversary Homewares and Gift Collection from Cath Kidston

Best Licensed Food or Drink Range 

  •  Harry Potter Confectionery for M&S from Kinnerton Confectionery

The Innovation Award 

  • LEGO DOTS Range from Levi’s

Best Sustainable Licensed Product 

  •  Peppa Pig Brand Threads Range from Coneen By Design

Best Preschool Licensed Property (Age Group 0-5) 

  •  Peppa Pig

Best Children’s or Tween Licensed Property (Age Group 5-12) 

  • L.O.L. Surprise!

Best Teen or Adult Licensed Property 

  • Wizarding World

Best Gaming Licensed Property

  •  Pokémon

Best Film Licensed Property 

  •  Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway

Best Music or Celebrity Licensed Property 

  • The Rolling Stones

Best Sports Licensed Property 

  • England Football

The Classic Licensed Property Award

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar

What Kids Love Award

  • Frozen

Honaray Achievent Award

  • Angela Hall, founder, H&A

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