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Cookie Run Steps Into Apparel Deal With Juniper Creates

By Allison Watkinson

TLL Reporter

Devsisters has dropped its first ever collection of licensed Cookie Run merchandise in collaboration with Juniper Creates.

Devsisters is the international gaming company behind the Cookie Run Universe. Since 2009, the company has created iconic running games including OvenBreak, Cookie Run: OvenBreak, and the award-winning Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Cookie Run: Kingdom has reached over 150 million global downloads, while the flagship game, Cookie Run, has ranked #1 in Free Games in the Apple App Store in 13 different countries.

The fan-favorite character, Strawberry Cookie, is the first character featured in the Cookie Run apparel and accessories collection. Strawberry Cookie has charmed fans of the game with her cute appearance and shy personality.

The Cookie Run merchandise collection aims to capture these character traits through the innovative design of a mini backpack, an enamel spinner pin, and a hoodie.

The collection was produced by Juniper Creates, a premium merchandise company that brings brands to life through quality physical products, imaginative design, and immersive marketing. They partner with creators and companies to launch consumer product collections to fans around the world.

The Mini Backpack is durable and features an interchangeable back and purse strap in addition to custom lollipop designs. The Spinner Pin features the shy and sweet Strawberry Cookie character. The Oversized Hoodie showcases details such as strawberry patches, custom drawstrings and a lollipop pattern inside the hood.

The collection was made available online on June 9 on the official Cookie Run online store.