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Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Go Live

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live is kicking off its return to live events with new trucks and drivers in an upcoming 10-stop tour across the US.

The tour is made possible through a partnership with the Raycom-Legacy Content Company, a large-scale event operation, promotion, content production, licensing, and media firm.

Raycom produces entertainment experiences including the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live event, spanning North America and Europe.

This year’s tour returns from the pandemic-related closure on Sept. 18 at the Toyota Center in Ontario, Calif.

Fans will be able to enjoy watching the iconic Hot Wheels monster truck toys come to life in a full-size, kid-focused, immersive Hot Wheels experience.

The popular family entertainment tour is going big in its return with the debut of several new faces and three epic trucks, according to Mattel. The show this year will include all-new Mega Wrex towers with a 12-foot-tall dinosaur design, showing off 1800 horsepower to crush the competition. Driven by new driver, Rick Steffens, this addition to the tour is sure to be a favorite.

Fans will also be introduced to Rebecca Schnell, the first woman to join the tour and driver of the new Midwest Madness, a first-ever collaboration between Hot Wheels and Bigfoot. Lastly, Race Ace will join as another new monster truck to the event series.

Returning show host Freddie Sheppard will team up alongside a new co-host, Marny Florence. Her addition will create an inclusive, powerful, and memorable experience for the whole family, say organizers.

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live is the only show that features  real-life versions of the famous Hot Wheels monster truck toys, including returning favorites Bone Shaker, Tiger Shark, V8 Bomber, and Demo Derby.

Event performances will also feature a special appearance from the car-eating, fire-breathing transforming robot Megasaurus, and the high-flyers of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live, Freestyle Motocross.

Organizers also confirmed the popular Crash Zone Pre-Show Party is back and will begin 2-1/2 hours before every performance. The pre-show party provides fans access to the competition floor to see the outrageous designs and epic size of the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks.

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