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Motorsports Licensing: VP Racing Fuels Partners With The Fan-Brand for Home Décor

VP Racing Fuels and The Fan-Brand are joining forces through a licensing agreement to put some vroom in home decor.

A global leader in performance fuels, lubricants, and additives, VP Racing Fuels announced this week it has signed a licensing agreement with The Fan-Brand for an extensive line of home décor products. 

“The Fan-Brand has created an incredible selection of VP Racing Fuels and Mad Scientist signs and lights,” said Bob Merz, VP Racing’s Director of Brand Management and Licensing. “Race fans can now bring the excitement of VP Racing into their game rooms, man caves, ‘she sheds,  or garages. We look forward to working with The Fan-Brand and building our brands together.”

The Fan-Brand’s VP Racing line is extensive, numbering 40 unique products. There’s something for every style and application with pool table and game table lights, wall signs, clocks, mirrors, and more. The complete collection is available for purchase at

Bringing VP Racing Fuels décor products to market hits close to home, says Harrison Grimm, Founder & CEO of The Fan-Brand. Grimm has always been drawn to the car culture, from collecting die-cast cars and building model kits at an early age, to the racing stripes down his daily driver muscle car.

“It’s a way where I can take what I do on a daily basis and be able to merge both those worlds together with a brand I’m familiar with and have an affinity for,” said Grimm.

The licensing agreement was brokered by Pacific Swell Brands, VP Racing Fuel’s exclusive licensing agency.