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OOOHH YEAH!!! Kraft Heinz Adds 25 CP Licensees

Kraft Heinz and its licensing agency Brand Central has massively expanded its brands with more than two dozen new licensees.

Brokered by Brand Central, the deals involve a wide range of branded consumer products for top Kraft Heinz lines like Kool-Aid, Heinz, Jell-O, Jet Puffed, Oscar Mayer, and more.

“Together with Brand Central, we are growing a collection of strategic licensing partnerships to drive cultural conversations around our brands,” says Whitney Shaw, Director, US Strategy & Partnerships, Kraft Heinz. “These partners provide us with ways to innovate in new food and beverage categories and break new ground in the industry on how food and beverage products come direct to consumers.”

Brand Central has released the list of new partners, which include:

New partners include:

  1. Bay Island for food gift sets
  2. Big G Creative for board games
  3. Centric Beauty for novelty health & beauty
  4. Cotton On for a Kool-Aid® collaboration
  5. G&S Metal Products for housewares and bakeware
  6. Hyperkin for video game controllers and accessories
  7. Komar for sleepwear
  8. Morris National for Jell-O® and Kraft® Peanut Butter confections
  9. Nostalgia Products for kitchen electrics
  10. Puma for footwear and apparel collaborations
  11. Shock Doctor for Kool-Aid® flavored mouth guards
  12. SWAG Golf for golf accessories
  13. Ruz for seasonal and ornaments
  14. USAOpoly for Kool-Aid® Monopoly and Jenga games
  15. YWOW for novelty puzzles

Those new partners join existing Kraft Heinz who are also releasing branded CP lines, including:

  1. Candyrific for Kool-Aid® confections
  2. Funko for vinyl figures and plush
  3. Fiesta for amusement plush and inflatables
  4. Mad Engine for apparel and accessories
  5. Odd Sox for hosiery and underwear
  6. Rasta Imposta for Halloween costumes
  7. Steel City for Heinz® apparel and accessories
  8. TMP for fully branded e-commerce stores
  9. Toynk for puzzles, drinkware, kitchen items, and novelty
  10. Trevco/Mask Club for face masks
  11. WSLicensing for stationery items, drinkware, and blankets
  12. YouTooz for collectible figures and plush
  13. Zuru for miniature collectibles

Kraft Heinz is one of the largest global food and beverage companies, with 2019 net sales of approximately $25 billion.

Their partner Brand Central is a premiere global brand consultancy that provides comprehensive business solutions in the areas of brand extensions, manufacturer representation, and trend intelligence to some of the world’s most recognized brands. Brand Central has particularly strong expertise and experience in the area of food and beverage licensing.

Kraft Announces Multiple New Brand Partners