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NFL Star Russell Wilson Quarterbacking Spin Master Toy Launch

Superstar quarterback Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks is teaming up with Spin Master to launch its new Aerobie Sonic Fin Football. 

Engineered for superior performance, the Sonic Fin Football lets kids throw like a pro, faster and farther than ever before!

Spin Master says kids and adults alike will be able to “go long … really long … because  the innovative design of this toy football creates aerodynamic lift in the air, resulting in throws traveling up to 100 yards, the entire length of a football field!

Outfitted with a custom calibration ring that increases the spin rate to improve distance, the Sonic Fin Football adjusts for both right- and left-handed throwers and creates a cool sonic sound when whizzing through the air, adding to the fun. 

QB Russell Wilson Says Sonic Fin Football Flies Farther Than Anyone Thought Possible

“The Sonic Fin Football gives kids the ability to throw like a pro, farther than they have thrown before or ever thought possible,” said Russell Wilson. “So many kids aspire to be professional athletes and the Sonic Fin is engineered to deliver the skill, talent and power for them to feel like one.” 

“The Aerobie brand is built around high-performance and the Sonic Fin Football is engineered with innovation to deliver maximum distance,” added Chris Beardall, Spin Master’s President, Toys and Chief Commercial Officer. “We are excited to be launching this product with the support of NFL quarterback Russell Wilson, inspiring children around the world to get outside and discover their own athletic ability and skill.” 

Wilson appears in the Sonic Fin ad that brings every sport-loving kids’ fantasy to life, the chance to meet their sports idol and have the ability to perform like them. Set in a football stadium, Wilson goes head to head against 13-year-old football prodigy Maxwell ‘Bunchie’ Young. The stakes are raised as each throw is more impressive and outlandish than the last. In addition to the ad, which will run on both television and YouTube, Wilson is featured on the product packaging complete with autograph.

The Aerobie Sonic Fin Football is available for presale, in limited quantities, at, and with full release scheduled for August 22, 2021 at all major retailers for a suggested retail price of $14.99.