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Spin Master Launches Inclusive ‘Character Creator’ with 6ix Academy

By Allison Watkinson

TLL Reporter

Spin Master Corp. and 6ix Academy are launching the Truly You! Character Creator licensed fashion illustration set.

6ix Academy is a Toronto-based inner-city business and arts program with a focus on social justice and activism. Students of 6ix Academy approached Spin Master with the opportunity to include more authentic representation through collaboration.

The Truly You! Character Creator set aims to celebrate diversity and inclusion through play. (CNW Group/Spin Master)

“When we first met with the 6ix Academy, we were so inspired by their fresh take on a classic activity toy we quickly joined forces to bring Truly You! Character Creator set from concept to consumers,” said Jennifer Skewes, Vice President and Global Brand Team Leader for Activities & Building Sets at Spin Master.

“Designed for kids by kids, we hope that children feel included and inspired by the Truly You! Character Creator set, mixing and matching to explore characters that are as diverse as the communities we live in.”

The all-new fashion illustration set is inspired by fashion design plates, where kids mix characters in a variety of outfits, swapping their looks from head to toe.

Spinmaster and 6ix Academy created the set with consultation from an external diversity agency to ensure respectful representation of different identities.

The Truly You! Character Creator set features an inclusive collection of six characters, each with their own character card that describes their unique identities.

Through interactive play, children can learn about the character backgrounds, trace outlines from head to toe in many different outfits, and create diverse identities with distinct interests.

The characters included in the set are:

– A young indigenous designer from the Sioux Nation who feature elements of her culture in her fashion designs. This character was based on one of the 6ix Academy student inventors.

– A gender-fluid content creator and advocate for mental health who lives their life as their most authentic self.

– An astronaut who chases her dreams of exploring space and increasing representation of Black women in STEM careers.

– A Paralympic athlete and strong advocate for children with disabilities.

– A non-binary frontline healthcare worker who provides consistent and compassionate healthcare to all people.

– A Muslim fashion and beauty influencer who uses her modest fashion and passion for makeup and photography to express her identity and creativity.

“Students enrolled in the 6ix Academy are a new generation of mindful thinkers and progressive doers,” said Rebecca Dileo, Creative Director at CTA’s 6ix Academy.

“Student passion for social justice activism is woven into art projects and put into action through extracurricular programming such as AIM (ARTivism Inclusivity Movement). We approach all projects through an ‘ARTivism’ lens and ensure student voice and vision are front and centre within the curriculum.”

Spin Master Corp. is a global children’s entertainment company which is known for creating play experiences through toys, entertainment and digital games.

Spin Master Entertainment creates and produces multiplatform content through its in-house studio and through partnerships with outside creators.

The Truly You! Character Creator set is available exclusively on and beginning June 1 and is recommended for kids ages 8 and up.