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Sports Licensing: UFC Partners With Timex For Tough Timepieces

Timex has become the Official Timekeeper of UFC, in a deal that will see the release of exclusive, UFC-branded watches.

The deal between Timex and UFC includes a number of components, as the watchmaker will be both a sponsor and a licensing partner.

“We could not be more excited to partner with UFC to create a collection of Timex UFC timepieces that embody the toughness and tenacity of both brands,” says Tobias Reiss-Schmidt, President & Chief Executive Officer of Timex Group. “The undisputed leader in combat sports, UFC has built a lasting, recognized legacy. As the official Timekeeper and Watch partner of UFC, we can’t wait to deliver iconic products that speak to the unique and diverse global UFC fanbase and celebrates UFC’s biggest moments.”

Timex is now featured prominently on the ‘fight clock’ that displays during all UFC matches.

Under the agreement, Timex will offer a wide variety of UFC-branded products, including wristwatches, health and fitness tracking-enabled watches, watch straps, clocks, and more. Each piece will be made with the same craftsmanship, quality, and innovative design that has made Timex the most famous watch brand in the world, the company says.

The UFC-branded Timex products will be made widely available to consumers globally through brick-and-mortar and online retail outlets, including, the official UFC Store, major department stores, sporting goods stores, and other locations, beginning in Spring/Summer 2022.


Timex will also become the first-ever Official Timekeeper Partner of UFC and Official Watch Partner of UFC, offering the Timex brand a wide-range of integrations into UFC assets within live broadcasts and on UFC-owned social media channels.

Most notably, Timex became the presenting partner of UFC’s in-broadcast fight clock at all UFC Pay-Per-View events, starting with UFC 269: OLIVEIRA vs POIRIER Dec. 11, and providing primary exposure for the Timex brand on all of UFC’s marquee events throughout the year, reaching more than 900 million TV households in 175 countries around the world.

“Every fight fan knows the importance of time and clock management in this sport,” said UFC President Dana White. “Every second counts, and the ticking clock adds to the drama and the fun of a great UFC fight. Now Timex is going to be associated with UFC’s biggest moments as they’re broadcast around the world. Timex is an iconic brand, and we’re looking forward to having them as an official UFC partner.”

The agreement also provides for an annual fund that will offer paid opportunities to participating UFC athletes through marketing and licensed products.

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