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Stor SL Signs Up For Bluey Licensing

“Bluey The Most Important Pre-School Property Since Frozen.” — Valentin Ortiz, CEO, Stor SL.

Manufacturing giant Stor SL is on board for a sprawling licensing deal with the Bluey franchise from BBC Studios.

The studio says it has signed a deal for a Bluey collection of more than 50 items for the UK & Ireland and EMEA markets. That includes meal sets, drinkware, lunch bags, tumblers, canteens, plates and bowls, sandwich boxes, placemats, cutleries, porcelain mugs, bottles and storage boxes. Stor also offers tailor-made options to retailers who request an exclusive line.

The range will feature sustainable and eco-friendly material such as stainless steel, aluminium and porcelain. Stor is adding natural fibers to traditional plastics to reduce the percentage of plastics by up to 30%.

“We are delighted that Stor is joining our raft of world-class partners for Bluey,” said Anita Majhu, Senior Licensing Manager, BBC Studios. “This partnership offers a fantastic opportunity to reach fans across the UK & Ireland and EMEA markets. Stor’s commitment to sustainability also complements BBC Studios’ work in this area and we welcome bringing Bluey products to market that are responsibly sourced.”

Stor SL was equally thrilled to close the deal, saying Bluey has seen phenomenal growth in the preschool market.

“In my view, Bluey is without a doubt the most important pre-school property since Frozen,” said CEO Valentin Ortiz. “It has been a real phenomenon in Australia and the USA and is becoming a huge global hit. Our retailers, customers and Stor local office directors have been asking about this opportunity and we are proud to work together with them to develop our Bluey range.”

The Bluey line of product from Stor will complement extensive launch plans for Bluey licensed product across UK and EMEA driven by exceptional TV ratings and led by a comprehensive toy program.

Bluey A Top Show In Multiple Markets

Bluey has won the hearts of kids and parents around the world since it first launched in Australia in October 2018 and is fast becoming a global hit, achieving outstanding ratings and attracting a multitude of best-in-class partners.

In its home market, Australia, Bluey was the #1 children’s program on metro broadcast television in 2020 and is the #1 series ever on ABC iview with over 480 million views across series one and two. Bluey also won ‘Pre-School License of the Year’ for the second year in a row at the Australian Toy Association (ATA) Awards.

In the US, Bluey is the #1 new license in the super plush category and was the #2 top new growth property in 2020 for the total toy industry. Across Disney Junior and Disney Channel in Q1 2021, Bluey was the #3 most watched TV series with kids 2–5.

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While in France, Bluey is available on France Télévision’s free-to-air channel France 5 and their catch-up kids’ platform OKOO. Toys from global master toy partner Moose Toys are set to launch at retail in France in 2022.

Bluey is also available on CBeebies in the UK, where it has become the top program on the channel since it launched in April. Its episodes constitute the top five most requested CBeebies episodes on BBC iPlayer. Toys will launch at retail in the UK in July.

Jointly commissioned by BBC Studios & ABC Children’s, Bluey is produced by multi-Emmy award-winning Ludo Studio in association with Screen Queensland and Screen Australia. The series is distributed internationally by BBC Studios outside of Australia.

BBC Studios has a global broadcast deal with Disney for Bluey and recently announced that the third season will debut on Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney+ in all territories outside of Australia, New Zealand and China.