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The Point.1888’s Latest Deal Has a Beat, And You Can Dance To It!


The Official Charts Company has selected The Point.1888 as its new brand licensing agent, ahead of its 70 Years of the Official Singles Chart celebrations in 2022.

With its finger firmly on the pulse of the British record-buying, digital-downloading, music-streaming public for the last 69 years, The Official Chart is the UK’s only official, trusted weekly barometer of what’s popular in music right now.

“The Official Chart has been chronicling the tastes of arguably the most influential music nation on the planet for the last 70 years and thanks to its incredible ability to evolve and stay relevant, it continues to engage generation after generation,” said Martin McLaughlin, Head of Partnerships at The Point.1888. “This presents a perfect brand licensing opportunity which we’re delighted to be lucky enough to explore.”

The Official Chart has held its position at the heart of British popular culture for decades, telling the stories and embracing the many changes in the music landscape from vinyl through to streaming. Over the years the Official Chart has crowned the record-breaking achievements of artists from The Beatles to Ed Sheeran, Bowie to Stormzy, Little Mix and even Sir Captain Tom Moore.

Hitting all-time record digital engagement over the past year, the Official Charts is now gearing up to celebrate 70 years of the UK’s Official Singles Chart in 2022 and embarking with brand licensing to take advantage of this surge in interest. With The Point.1888 by its side, the Official Charts Company will be looking to develop a broad range of new products across gaming, publishing, gifting, greetings and apparel which celebrate the Official Chart’s rich history as the authority on popular music.

“We are delighted to be teaming up with The Point.1888, to take the UK’s one and only Official Charts into new areas, especially as we prepare to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Official Singles Chart in 2022,” said Official Charts Company Chief Executive Martin Talbot.

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