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Travel + Leisure Getting Into the Wine Business

By Gary Symons

TLL Editor in Chief

Few things go together better than travel and a good bottle of wine, which has inspired the latest Travel + Leisure licensing deal.

Travel + Leisure Group says it’s getting into the wine business through a licensing partnership with Vintage Wine Estates, Inc.

The travel magazine announced this week the launch of, featuring multiple estates in one wine club membership as well as an online bottle shop through its partnership with Vintage Wine Estates.

The website offers a delicious combination of travel and wine offerings, including curated experiences that come with a wine club membership. Those include VIP tastings at the 12 Vintage wineries, annual harvest celebration events, and more.

Members will be able to enjoy wine and travel in several location, as the company owns unique wine estates in Napa, Sonoma, California’s Central Coast, Oregon and Washington, allowing wine lovers a curated quarterly taste of some of the most renowned wineries in America with individual bottles for purchase for both members and non-members.

VWE is also overseeing the management, fulfillment and customer support services for Travel + Leisure Wine.

“The Travel + Leisure brand is synonymous with extraordinary experiences, and our latest offering extends that brand promise to a whole new platform. Great wine elevates an ordinary dinner at home or away and transforms it into a special event,” said Noah Brodsky, president of Travel + Leisure Group. “As we expand the Travel + Leisure brand into new products, services and experiences, the collaboration with Vintage Wine Estates was a natural next step to grow our business.”

Vintage Wine Estates was a natural choice for Travel + Leisure, as it’s one of the fastest growing wine producers in the U.S., with a direct-to-customer sales and delivery platform. The company is selecting wines from its extensive portfolio of winery estates and luxury brands to create a curated collection of offerings for Travel + Leisure Wine customers which showcase the rich flavors of some of America’s most coveted wine-growing regions.

Travel + Leisure Wine says its focus is on offering an authentic sense of place for every curated wine selection, with learning materials provided directly from the winemakers that highlight the unique characteristics of where each wine is produced and how that develops the wine’s flavor and personality. In addition, Travel + Leisure Wine members have the ability to visit any of VWE’s 12 featured estate wineries with exclusive invitations to wine maker special events, curated tours and complimentary wine tastings.

“What sets us apart from some other wine clubs out there is that we have an incredible portfolio of real vineyards, real winemakers and real people who are excited to share what they do with their guests,” explained Jessica Kogan, chief digital and marketing officer for Vintage Wine Estates. “While many wine clubs highlight wines from one winemaker, Travel + Leisure Wine members can enjoy wines from a portfolio of more than 25 unique vineyards and VIP benefits at 12 distinct wine estates.”

Travel + Leisure Wine customers can enjoy complimentary tastings at 12 renowned wine estates including Girard Winery, Swanson Vineyards, Laetitia Vineyard & Winery, among others. Travel + Leisure Wine member shipments and its online shop will frequently feature exclusive limited quantity wines typically only available directly in tasting rooms.

While VWE is diverse across price points and varietals with over 50 brands ranging from $10 to $150 at retail, its primary focus is on the fastest growing premium segment of the wine industry with the majority of brands selling in the $10 to $20 price range. The Company regularly posts updates and additional information at

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