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Video Game Licensing: Crayola App Debuts at #1 in Apple Arcade Thanks To Red Games Partnership

A new app from Crayola debuted on the Apple Arcade store at Number One, inspiring the crayon company to expand its licensing partnership with Red Games Co.

Crayola originally began working in close collaboration with Red Games as the developer for the Crayola Create and Play app. Thanks in part to its first place sales on its debut, Red Games will now take on day-to-day management of the app as the licensed partner. They will also continue to work closely with Crayola to develop innovative and safe creative experiences rooted in child development principles. 

“Crayola strives to help parents and educators raise creatively-alive kids,” said Warren Schorr, Vice President of Business Development & Global Licensing, Crayola. “We’re thrilled to expand our partnership with Red Games Co., a family friendly developer, and extend that mission beyond the page and into kids’ digital lives with the same high quality and safety that Crayola is known for. Red Games has been an excellent partner in helping us develop Create & Play from the beginning.”

From coloring to coding and everything in-between, the Crayola Create and Play app empowers kids to make their mark in new ways.

The Create and Play apps allow kids to create their own masterpieces with Crayola award-winning Colors of the World, offering skin-tone accurate colors and diverse coloring pages. The app is loaded with games inspired by STEAM and STEM education principles, or kids can even care for their own unique pets.

Developed by Red Games, which specializes in safe, family friendly play, parents can be confident their kids are in a safe space that encourages their development.

We are incredibly proud of Crayola Create and Play, what the app stands for, and the awesome experience it gives younger audiences.” says Brian Lovell Founder and CEO of Red Games. “It’s a safe space for kids to develop creative confidence, problem-solve, practice self-expression, play games, and just have fun. And there is much more to come! We continue to work very closely with the team at Crayola as they expand their brand into enduring, high-quality digital experiences for kids. It’s an honor to be their partner!”

The expanded partnership includes frequent and consistent updates that add content, events, activities, videos and more, so there is always something new to keep kids 3–8 years old engaged. 

Crayola Create and Play+ and Crayola Create and Play are regularly featured in top categories on both the App Store and Google Play. With millions of installs, high engagement, and a 4+ star rating, Create and Play’s momentum continues to build. Crayola and Red Games Co. say they are excited about the future of the app, with an extensive roadmap full of new features, content, and technology to foster creativity and self-expression, in a safe environment. 

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