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Video Game Licensing: PMI Wins Toy License For The Brawl Stars Brand

The Israeli toymaker PMI has won the rights to produce toys for the popular Brawl Stars brand from Supercell and LINE FRIENDS.

“A big shout-out to everyone involved in bringing together this exciting new partnership with Supercell,” said Boaz Dekel, CEO & Chairman at PMI. “We’re fully geared to roll out a winning line of authentically designed Brawl Stars toy products and bring a large range of exciting and affordable toys to fans around the world!

“Supercell’s Brawl Stars is a great fit for our IP portfolio of today’s hottest brands, aligning perfectly with our marketing and growth strategies and to our commitment to professionalism, uncompromising quality and authenticity in all our toy lines.”

Brawl Friends were developed by video game designer Supercell and marketed in conjunction with the massively popular Asian social media network LINE.

The LINE FRIENDS brand arose from digital stickers that were used on what was originally a chat application, that later evolved into one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. LINE FRIENDS characters like Brawl Stars or Brown & Friends have become popular in their own right, and are widely licensed globally. Brawl Stars is also a popular video game, produced by Supercell.

Now, the family-owned toy manufacturer and distributor PMI plans to release a multi-territory, highly detailed Brawl Stars toy line that will include collectibles, action figures, plush, stampers and more. The deal was brokered by leading licensing agency WildBrain CPLG on behalf of LINE FRIENDS, and by Big Picture Licensing representing PMI, known for bringing licensed IP to life through engaging and affordable toy lines and collectibles.

First launched in 2018, the Brawl Stars mobile game has become a global hit with 300M downloads in over 164 countries, boasting huge fanbase globally across many regions of Americas, Asia, Europe, EMEA, and CIS. Brawl Stars is a multiplayer online battle-arena and third-person hero shooter game with multiple game modes. True to Supercell’s core values, the game is easy to play, fast moving and features distinctive characters.

Brawl Stars fans can expect to see the new collection hitting the market from the summer of 2022. The range will launch in EMEA as well as North America, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore and will be a key addition to the brand’s existing licensing program, which covers apparel, accessories, health and beauty, home, party, promotions, stationery and back-to-school.

“There continues to be significant growth and demand for consumer products based on gaming IP all around the world,” said Maarten Weck, EVP & Managing Director at WildBrain CPLG. “When it comes to arcade and action games with pulling power, the Brawl Stars brand consistently ranks in the global top 10. We’re very excited to welcome PMI on board as a strategic toy partner for Brawl Stars and with the game’s extensive international fan base, we anticipate strong consumer products traction in 2022 across all key markets.”

On behalf of LINE FRIENDS, WildBrain CPLG represents Brawl Stars across the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Iberia, Benelux, Nordics, CEE, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

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