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Amazon Marks Prime Day With Dream House in London

Ecommerce giant Amazon is launching the Prime Day Dream House in London July 6, with a slate of entertainment to mark Prime Day.

Prime Day has become a cultural and retail phenomenon, rivalling Black Friday and Christmas as one of the big shopping events of the year. Amazon’s annual Prime Day event takes place on July 12 and 13 this year, and offers millions of deals globally to Prime members over the 48 hours.

Amazon is marking that success in the UK with a series of events that will be available free online through Amazon and various social media channels.

The entertainment lineup includes the pop sensation RAYE, TV chef Big Zuu, well-known author, influencer and foodie Tilly Ramsay, TV personality Sam Thompson, footballers Jarrod Bowen and Ben Foster, and social influencers Timbsy and Max Balegde.

Members of the public could enter to win a limited number of free tickets via @AmazonUK on Instagram by July 1, or tune in via @AmazonUK on Instagram on the night to follow the action with Max Balegde from 7 p.m. BST on July 6.

Split across three rooms in the Prime Day Dream House, the evening will see the participating talent collaborating across a variety of interactive challenges and entertaining moments.

“I’ve been looking forward to Prime Day since the last one,” said Dream House host Sam Thompson. “It’s such a great time to find deals on Amazon while doing our part to support small businesses as well. This year, I’ll be hosting the Prime Day Dream House celebrations with Big Zuu vs. Tilly Ramsay happening in the kitchen, Jarrod Bowen against Ben Foster in the ultimate FIFA face-off and an epic performance by RAYE, what more could you want?”

From the Kitchen

TV chef and presenter Big Zuu and will go head-to-head in a cult cooking challenge with well-known author, influencer and foodie Tilly Ramsay. Using mystery ingredients delivered by Amazon Fresh, each contestant will unbox their items live and have just 15 minutes to whip up a fresh dish from scratch – with the winner crowned the Fresh Out the Box champion.

Talking about his role in the Prime Day Dream House Kitchen Big Zuu commented: “What a line-up, I’m honoured to be part of it. It’s going to be a night full of laughs and quality banter with some amazing people in a truly amazing setting.”

“I’m so excited for the Prime Day Dream House and can’t wait to go head to head with Big Zuu in our challenge and show him how it’s done in the Ramsay house,” said Ramsay. “It’s going to be an amazing night with some unmissable entertainment. Bring it on!”

From the living room

West Ham and England international football star Jarrod Bowen will take on footballer and sports personality Ben Foster in a FIFA challenge in honour of Prime Gaming. Refereed by popular sporting presenter, Timbsy, fans at home will be able to submit questions to the talent to answer during the match, followed by a sports trivia battle – with one lucky audience member winning a prize on behalf of the victor.

From the bedroom

British singer-songwriter, RAYE, will top-off the evening of exclusive entertainment by performing an intimate set, presented by Amazon Music.

The performance is set to feature some of RAYE’s popular hits, as well as her new single Hard Out Here from her upcoming debut album.

Attendees will not only actively participate in the interactive Prime Day Dream House Show, but will also get the chance to interact directly with the room sets afterwards, featuring an oversized walk-in fridge, topsy-turvy furniture and a sky swing.

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