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Apparel Licensing: Nelvana Partners On Max & Ruby Collection For Millennials

The Limited Time Capsule Collection Is Available Now on the New Digital Pop Up

Children’s entertainment studio Nelvana has partnered with DTC manufacturer Juniper Creates on a new Max & Ruby apparel line targeted to Millennials and Gen Zs who grew up with the series.

Juniper Creates is a premium consumer product and direct to consumer (DTC) brand building company based in Toronto, Canada that partners with the world’s top creators, intellectual properties, platforms, and brands. The Max & Ruby Remix Collection is an homage to the show and its dedicated fan-base, which was a huge hit with younger children for Corus Entertainment’s Nelvana.

The high quality apparel line portrays the beloved brother and sister bunny duo in a creative and colorful way and is available to shop now on

“Millennials and Gen Zs all over the world have fond memories of watching Max & Ruby as preschoolers,” said Mellany Masterson, Head of Nelvana Enterprises. “Tapping into the power of nostalgia and drawing insights from the viral success we’ve had on TikTok, this new collection captures the playfulness and fun of Max & Ruby.”

Over the past 18 months, Max & Ruby enthusiasts on TikTok have generated more than 127 million uses of the hashtag #maxandruby. The three different trends that went viral include a remix dance, classic cake remakes and theme song origins.

By exploring styles that appeal to this Max & Ruby audience, the Max & Ruby Remix Collection line was created to capture the essence of the brand but still be easily integrated into day-to-day wear. Pieces from the line include tops, overalls, oversized fashion earrings, and a Max & Ruby version of the trendy blanket sweater.

“We’re delighted to continue our partnership with Nelvana, this time with the Max & Ruby franchise as it nears its 20th broadcast anniversary in May 2022. The team is developing exclusive and limited-edition merchandise that ties into the nostalgia of the IP, appealing to broad audiences that grew up watching this brother and sister bunny duo,” said Shawn Curtis, Director of Partnerships at Juniper Creates. “We’ll bring the Max & Ruby Remix Collection to market, leveraging our full supply-chain and technology platform – manufacturing and fulfilling orders globally via a dedicated Direct to Consumer storefront,”

Based on the books of internationally acclaimed children’s author and illustrator Rosemary Wells,  Max & Ruby is a preschool program that celebrates being young.

The series follows the adventures of two bunny siblings, the fearless bundle of energy Max and his smart and confident older sister Ruby. Max & Rubycelebrates the connection between Ruby and her younger brother Max and the universal nature of sibling relationships. In each story Max wants one thing, Ruby wants another, and even though they love each other, they have very different ideas on just about everything.

Fans can still watch all their favourite episodes of Max & Ruby on Treehouse and live and on demand with STACKTV, available through Amazon Prime Video Channels.

The brand is owned by Nelvana, which is a subsidiary of the Canadian entertainment and broadcasting company Corus Entertainment.

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