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Beanstalk Latin America Kicks Off By Whipping Up Sweet Deals For Diageo

By Allison Watkinson

TLL Reporter

Beanstalk Latin America has developed an expansive licensing program for the popular liqueur brand Baileys’, on behalf of the agency’s first client, Diageo.

Diageo is a multinational alcoholic beverage company. It currently operates in more than 180 countries and produces in more than 140 sites around the world.

“The interest we have seen for the Baileys brand has been extraordinary and we look forward to introducing more indulgent, culturally relevant Baileys treats for adults across the region,” said Carolina Verdugo, Director of Brand Management at Beanstalk.

“We are currently working with other Beanstalk clients to develop their brands via licensing in the region, in addition to discussing opportunities for local and global brands outside of Beanstalk’s client portfolio.”

Beanstalk is a global brand extension licensing agency that offers its clients many different services. These services include brand representation, digital media representation, manufacturer representation, consulting, creative services, legal and financial services, and royalty auditing.

Over the past year, Beanstalk has helped the Baileys’ brand establish a strong foundation of licensed products that are helping drive consumer engagement and awareness in the region.

The brand has been extended across the food, beverage, and glassware categories in many areas of Latin America.

Bailey’s new and existing licensees in LATAM include:


Turin: Baileys’ first and longest licensee in Latin America, Turin, has been in the market for nearly 15 years. Turin offers premium Baileys-filled chocolates at major retailers, travel retail and its own stores.

Marco Polo: One of Baileys’ newest partners, Marco Polo, will launch confectionery snacks and cocktail gift sets in August 2022.

Helados Nestle: This partnership has yielded Iced Baileys ice cream, launched in 2019. They also have plans for a novelty Iced Baileys Cookie concept, a chocolate covered cookie sandwich filled with Baileys ice cream.

Autentico Corajillo: This company offers the perfect ready-to-shake Baileys Carajillo cocktail in a reusable, biodegradable shaker.

El Globo: Grupo Bimbo’s bakery chain, offers premium Baileys’ brand cakes.

Rich’s: A bakery supply company which has developed a line of in-store Baileys bakery products that are available at Walmart and major chains around the country. Additionally, Walmart Mexico offers a variety of Baileys-flavored cakes and desserts.

Intercandy: This company is developing Baileys’ individual sponge cakes imported from Italy. The cakes will launch at the end of 2022.

Churreria El Moro: In a first for the brand, Baileys licensed-in the Churreria El Moro brand, a churro store established in Mexico City in 1935. They will develop a churro-flavored Baileys liqueur available exclusively in Mexico.


Globimport: This company is creating a line of quality glassware in individual and gift sets for the Baileys’ brand. These products will be available on e-commerce and the main chains in the Brazilian market, including Pão de Açúcar, Carrefour, Havan and others.

Tres Corações: A leading coffee manufacturer in Brazil, this company has developed and launched the first Baileys cappuccino pods in the country, offering high quality and convenience.

Colombia, Central America and Chile

Mont Blanc: In Colombia, leading chocolate brand Mont Blanc launched the first line of several Baileys chocolates varieties in February 2022.

Dos Pinos: For Holiday 2021, this leading dairy company in Central America, launched the first Baileys ice cream in the territory and a pop-up Baileys Treat Bar celebration. Dos Pinos is based in Costa Rica.

Quinta: In Chile, Quinta has developed a line of Baileys cakes for major supermarket chain Cencosud.

Beanstalk Latin America has plans for further development of the Baileys licensing program in LATAM. The licensing and brand extension agency also aims to expand the licensing programs of other new and existing clients in the region.

Beanstalk is a long-standing member of the Omnicom Group, a leading global marketing and corporate communications company.