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Character Licensing: Peppa Pig Making Waves for Environment and Light Fund

Maybe pigs can’t fly, but they can certainly swim!

Hasbro’s immensely popular Peppa Pig has been taking to the waves of late, working to help the environment and the Light Fund charity.

First off,  Peppa has launched a major retail and brand marketing initiative to mark United Nations World Oceans Day, which launched June 8. The initiative brings together high profile ecological, educational and retail partners including Cleaner Seas Project, Twinkl and George at Asda to help encourage young families to learn all about our oceans and what they can do to help protect them for future generations.

Educational publisher Twinkl has created free Peppa Pig educational activities and resources to help raise awareness throughout primary schools, early years providers and families at home about the little steps they can do to make a big difference to our seas. Tackling the issue from the shore itself, Cleaner Seas Project has started its mission to complete a total of 11 beach and river cleans with schools invited to join events across the UK throughout June, to help educate pre-school and primary school children from nature’s classroom.

Retail partner George at Asda is building on the success of last year’s Plant with Peppa environment education initiative to join forces once again in celebration of this year’s World Oceans Day.

“We are very proud to have partnered with Peppa Pig again, this time to help celebrate World Oceans Day and raising awareness of cleaner oceans and a more sustainable planet,” said Jade Snart, Sustainability and Compliance Expert at George. “A number of the products within the George range will have a sustainable element to them as here at George we’re committed to doing the right thing by our customers and the planet.”

An exclusive range of clothing and homeware featuring ocean themed designs sourced with more sustainable materials such as Better Cotton and in some products up to 83% recycled materials. The collection is now available in 435 UK Asda stores and displayed alongside dedicated World Oceans Day POS featuring key product and a QR code directing consumers to the Twinkl resources.

“We are thrilled to be working with George again on this Peppa Pig World Oceans Day campaign,” said Cat O’Brien, Retail Director Europe and Asia at Hasbro. “At Hasbro, everything we do is centered in our purpose; making the world a better place for all children, fans, and families.

“In October 2021, we launched our first Peppa Pig purpose driven campaign all about educating young families around the importance of helping our planet by planting trees,” O’Brien added. “We are excited to embark on the next campaign which aims to help children learn more about our oceans and what we can do to help reduce litter reaching our shores.”

Avril Greenaway, CMO, Cleaner Seas Project, added, “It’s no secret that Peppa Pig and her friends are heroes to pre-schoolers across the UK, so we were absolutely thrilled to work with her and Twinkl to provide guidance on the eco-educational activities and resources as well as carry out the all important beach and river cleans for this campaign!

“Our goal is to drive positive change, no matter how big or small, so by working collaboratively with Peppa and Twinkl to help kids take their first steps towards being more environmentally aware has been fantastic,” Greenaway added. “We think this collaboration will be hugely successful and, partnered with Twinkl’s wealth of resources, we think it will provide families with a simple and fun way to get involved to support the cause.”

Peppa Pig Joins Light Fund’s English Channel Swimmers

Peppa also traveled to the seaside to support the English Channel Swimmers who are training for a fund-raising endurance swim, and starred in a short film sponsored by Hasbro, portraying the group’s rigorous training.

“We are proud to work with The Light Fund to support such an inspirational and brave fundraising effort for kids and families,” said Sally Carnota, the senior director for Licensed Consumer Products for EMEA & Asia. “It was great having Peppa Pig on set to witness the behind the scenes of the film and the hard work these swimmers have put into supporting a great cause.”

Hasbro funded the entire production process, from staffing to filming and editing, and contributed a generous donation to the Channel Relay effort, which has a target of £250,000 for The Light Fund.

The film, produced by Albus Studios, will be aired at The Licensing Awards in the UK on Sept. 13.

The swim is scheduled to start between June 30 and July 3, at around 2am on a day when conditions are considered optimal.